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Clifford E Eley

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  • I was laid off recently and have a question about a workmans comp claim. their doctor said i was fine but i am still in pain.

    I saw the the company sent me to the doctor workmans comp dr in jan of last year for an upper arm injury the company sent me to the doctor and he signed off on it even though i told him it was still bothering me. Now I have been laid off by this ...

    Clifford’s Answer

    In Colorado this would not close your right to reopen your workers compensation case. That would be a settlement and it required specific language in the agreement. Also, the settlement would have to be approved by the Division of Workers Compensation. But that is specific to Colorado. I can't speak for cases in other states.

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  • In the state of Colorado do you have to prove your injury is worse then when you got hurt just to get a settlement?

    Got hurt at work 2 years ago and now have a bulging disc from it. My laywer is now saying I have to prove it has got worse to get a settlement.

    Clifford’s Answer

    If your lawyer is telling you this, it might be because your case closed on a final admission of liability. If it did, you have to reopen your case and to do that, you have to show a worsening of condition. If your case has not closed you would not have to show that your injury has gotten worse.

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