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Ann Toney

About Ann Toney

About me

If you are charged with a DUI or DUID, I can help you. I limit my practice to defending people, just like you, charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs (marijuana).

Over the years I have both defended clients and prosecuted defendants so I understand what the prosecuter in your case is thinking.  I first "work your case", which means I look at every angle and every piece of evidence in your case. I have been successful in trying cases to jury trials and also dealing with prosecutors in getting the very best plea for my client.  This includes dismissals, Reckless Driving, Deferred Judgement and Sentence (DJS), DWAI, and other outcomes.

 There are many ways you can "win" with your DUI case.  Sometimes a person has a record of prior "DUI" convictions and if we cannot beat the evidence in your case, then getting very little jail and work release is what that client considers a "win" in his/her case.  Also, there are other ways to win.  You can go to trial and win and get acquitted; or you can get a "Non-Alcohol" result such as a plea to Careless Driving or Reckless Driving.  I have gotten many of these for my clients.  Also, there is a "Deferred Judgment and Sentence" in some jurisdictions which means that after you do the treatment and other requirements, the Court will DISMISS your case.

 There is a lot of evidence to look at in a DUI case.  What makes your case different from a "criminal case" is that much of the evidence in your case is science based.  That is why I go to DUI science based trainings and am a member of the College of Drunk Driving Defense and a founding member of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association.  These provide specialized training to be able to defend YOU. 

There is an important part of your defense that needs a good criminal lawyer.  I have been also practicing criminal law for years.  I will look at how the law enforcement officer "stopped" your car (4th Amendment violation), if the officer "interviewed you while in custody" (Miranda Rights), and determine if there really was "probable cause" to arrest you.  

The invisible factor that I have is I am tenacious and determined to give you the very best DUI defense that I can.  Many times I have driven to court early in the morning just to add my client's case on the Court docket so I can address something in your case that needed immediate attention.  You don't know that because you are home asleep or at work.  It is going the extra mile that I do for my clients because you deserve that extra mile.

 I earned my Masters in rehabilitation counseling and worked with substance abuse populations before going to law school.  This gives me an insightful perspective on alcohol and drug offenses that few lawyers possess.  I know this is a very stressful time for you and I do everything I can to help you through this and give you excellent legal direction.