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Jessica Peck

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    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Jessica pulled me into believing she was a top notch attorney and had a lot of important connections. She did come on to my case about three weeks prior to my hearing but I had developed my JTCM, exhibit book and had what others agreed to was a very strong argument prepared for my hearing.
    The day of my hearing, Jessica was popping a bunch of pills during breakfast and I had to drive her car to the Court house because she had profuse vomiting which continued inside the conference room of the Court house.
    During my hearing Jessica had seizure like activity where I had to assist her with getting her medicine from her bag all the while important testimony continued.

    While the opposing party attacked me with new evidence and our Court appointed PRE changed her position from the filed PRE report without any foundation, at the prompting of opposing counsel, Jessica delivered not a one objection that was noted on a 186 page Court transcript. She did not provide any defense nor did she provide any offense to move my own motion forward. These are just basic expectations from an attorney whose responsibilities are to protect and put up some sort of fight for their client.
    I was completely defenseless. Jessica, during the testimony of my PRE, slipped me a piece of paper which she wrote "you're damned". This was her support.
    My trial was outrageous and few would believe the series of unexpected events that occurred in the Court room.
    Afterwards, Jessica missed the deadline for my closing argument which I was also sanctioned for. Her reason to the Court was an explanation for her poor physical condition.
    Jessica initially offered to pay the sanction for this motion but then disappeared. I later learned that she cannot pay my sanctions, although she was responsible.

    I'm a teacher of 22 years and a great parent. I personally witnessed manipulation and corruption of the family Court system.
    I have reached out to Jessica and she conveniently ignores my attempts of communication.

    The result of my hearing is that I lost decision making authority of my daughter, had to post a bond to the Court and was sanctioned to pay attorney fees. I'm not quitting in my pursuit to seek justice.

    The last communication between Jessica and myself she told me I could write a motion to have the magistrate reconsider her orders. However, I wrote a Petition for Magistrates Review because magistrates cannot reconsider their own orders. This is an example of Jessica not knowing family law procedure.

    Jessica's website looks amazing but her lack of performance has left with me with manifest injustice.

    Hired attorney
  • Best decision ever

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    One of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do was pick my divorce lawyer. At the time several years ago, I was a 29-years-old stay at home dad to three kids when, in the span of just days, I lost my life as a stay at home dad to three small kids and suddenly the victim of false sex abuse allegations. I needed a lawyer but struggled to afford one and was struggling to make it through each hour. I interviewed five firms, three larger and two smaller, and all with prestigious reputations. Jessica's cost-competitive rates were part of my choice in picking this firm. But Jessica also billed in a much more fair way. Unlike other lawyers, she'd comp short calls or emails. I quickly learned that most other firms would bill for ANYTHING, including a 30 second email and they'd charge you 15 minutes for even the littlest thing. Jessica never pulled games like that. She was also the only lawyer I interviewed who actually calmed me down and made me start to emotionally accept that I could and would fight for my kids and my life. I felt engaged at every step of the way. She listened and actually respected my opinion. I agree with the reviews on this page. No one is perfect but I even like that she was really responsive when I asked her to make a few changes to our final strategy. She is so aggressive in court and yet still so respectful. She’s quick on her feet and zen-like confident even in really ugly situations. She looks you straight in the eye and she tells you the truth even when it hurts.. She ran circles around the three-person legal team on my wife's side. Before this, I thought big firms' big price tags must have translated into better results. Today, I know better. Family law lawyers should be nimble and alert. Size of firm is irrelevant. My new life was only possible because of Jessica. She got my criminal charges dropped, got my parenting time and got me what we wanted in just about every area of my divorce case. Not only did I survive but now my kids are great and I'm preparing for law school hoping to one day help families the way she helped mine.

  • Jessica is Great!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    After trying to handle a case on my own I was frustrated with the courts. I couldn't get answers and a completely simple divorce was dragging endlessly. I had to do something to make this issue go away so I contacted Jessica. She is a rock star! She dug in to my case and everything resolved in nothing flat. Sometimes the the pros know best and she is a PRO! Thanks Jess.

  • A Better Life.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Oriana

    The moment we shook hands with her, we knew we wanted her to be our attorney. Our case is extremely complicated and ongoing. From the beginning Jessica had a strategy and has given our case priority. We have taken on the role of Guardians for my 8yr old niece. Jessica is an amazing attorney. Due to a spiteful and irresponsible sister, My Husband and I have unfortunately made numerous return trips to court. Jessica has been there every step of the way, directing us, holding our hand & working her magic in court. She has taken what is a terrifying, stressful and disturbing time and made it easier for us. Jessica is always courteous, patient and kind. Day or night she is there for us and acknowledges what we feel as guardians “new parents”. We still have a way to go with our case, but we are in the best hands.

    Every time we go back to court, we are not scared or uneasy, because Jessica is incredible!! She has a way of reassuring us that everything will be alright and this peace of mind is priceless. Jessica is not only a great attorney, but she is a HONEST, FAIR, MORAL and DECENT human being. I am truly grateful that she is our attorney and I can’t recommend her enough.

    Thank you!

  • her skiils for writing motion that get judges to clearly understand your issue

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    If you are seeking an awesome lawyer to be a part of your team before heading into court then please choose Jessica Peck. She has a way of getting to know you as a person and taking your issue in hand and converting that information thru her knowledge of the law and writing iskills into a motion that you can file which will make Judges get a very clear picture of your situation. In my case, let just say that I did not follow the GOLDEN RULE. ALWAYS HAVE A LAWYER REVIEW any document that you intend to turn over to the courts for your case. But if you make the mistake I did then you need Jessica Peck. She will be straight forward with you when it comes to the law. Plus have you understand that you never know how things will go in court. But she does give you hope and a better chance when it comes to presenting your case to the courts. Being prepare for court is key and she has a skill for getting you ready. Even if you are just representing yourself on something. I was able to show the courts with Jessica's help, why I was there and she helped me organize my documentation to back up my claim. She gets 5out of 5 stars from me.

  • Family Legal Matters

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Courtney

    Jessica was amazing handling my case with my Ex-husbands new girlfriend... she was understanding, to the point, and explained things extremely well. As a single mother I had the upmost respect and trust in her to get my name cleared-and she did! She is well spoken and knows the laws well. I would highly recommend her!

  • A reliable and passionate lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by LaManda

    Jessica heard my cry for help when I thought no one else would listen. She picked up the phone when I would call, and she went above and beyond the call of duty to support my case. Her empathy was sincere, and her fight is fierce. She's the best person I know to call on when you want to get something done. She's well worth her weight in gold.

  • Divorce Attorney who is professional and totally rocks!!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laurie

    Ms. Peck was very professional in her representation of me during my divorce. She put not only my best interests, but the best interests of my children in the forefront. Ms. Peck spent time making sure she was up-to-date on all of the current law changes related to divorce in Colorado. I felt that my case was important to her and she made me feel that she always had the time, even though I know she had other cases she was working on at the time. Not once did I ever question her tactics in getting me the best possible settlement with my ex-husband and she offered sound advice on how I should move forward with all of the legalese of getting divorced. I used to be a bookkeeper/paralegal with a law firm in Colorado with over 10 attorneys and I can say that Ms. Peck does an exceptional job. What I most respect her for was her ability to put my children first and to make sure that their needs were not forgotten in the middle of the divorce of their parents. She was personable and professional during the entire proceeding. I highly recommend her as an attorney!

    Jessica Peck’s response: “Thank you so much for your endorsement! It was an honor to work with you.”
  • A big fan

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shannon Gallegos

    Jessica viewed my case in a comprehensive way. She was blunt about the downsides of each strategy we discussed while also educating me about the potential upsides. She understood my cost concerns and I never felt like she was hiding the ball when it came to costs. She worked with me when I couldn't meet the payment terms of our agreement and never made me feel like I was a lesser priority because of my financial struggles. There were so many Ted when I was on the verge of losing my mind and yet she came through by reminding me of the big picture or even making me laugh. In a world where so many lawyers are out for the quick buck, I only knew her to be a friend and advocate. Yes, she isn't one of Denver's biggest divorce firms but as my case proves, she can go to bat with the best if them.

    Jessica Peck’s response: “Thank you Shannon. It appears that my staff and I can still improve when it comes to keeping our clients fully informed at all stages of our attorney-client relationship. Our goal is to return all calls and emails within 24 hours of receipt. Noting this, there are rare exceptions when a response is not possible. We will continue to work toward our newest goal of replacing our entire records system with shared software that will allow our clients access to their case files and important developments in real time.”