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Robert L Steenrod

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  • Failed to perform in a timely manner

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    Anonymous review posted on

    Mr. Steenrod was the court appointed administrator. Mr. Steenrod billed the estate for his time and his staff then billed the estate for their time as attorney's for the administrator. He failed to protect the assets of the estate and spent years closing this matter. He hired so called experts to review certain aspects of the estate. Several reviews/opinions were determined later to be flawed. The estate was forced to pay for these flawed opinions. Monthly costs were unbelieveable and created a tremendous hardship on the beneficiaries. Assests were sold to continue to fund the estate and at closing of the estate the righful beneficiaries were shorted as there was not adequate funds left to pay those beneficiaries. A year after the estate closed if became apparent the certain matters were not completed and Mr Steenrod and his staff were then again involved in clearing up these matters.

    I would never recommend this firm to anyone and I am shocked that the City of Denver allowed this firm to perform such duties for many years.


    1.0 star

    Posted by LOUISE

    Robert Steenrod was retained by me to draft and administer the estate of my mother. His prices for services provided were exorbitant and he was consistently late in producing important information to me following the death of my mother.

    When I wrote letters to him at his office, it would often take him not just weeks to reply to my inquiries but months and sometimes years to get a response.

    The only things that arrived on a regular basis were his monthly statements for his inflated legal fees!

    His office staff is curt and often rude when I attempt to phone Robert Steenrod. The documents that I requested from Robert Steenrod so that I could have income tax returns completed by my Certified Public Accountant did not get delivered to me until just before April 15th and, sometimes, after the due date for their submission to the IRS.

    Robert L. Steenrod's legal fees are exorbitant for the poor service that he provided to me as a client.

    I would definitely not recommend that anyone retain Robert L. Steenrod, J.D. as his/her attorney!