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Robert Lawrence Pomper

Robert Pomper’s reviews

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  • Mr. Robert Pomper is amazing!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Aimee

    After meeting with multiple attorney's and even hiring one we were referred to Mr. Robert Pomper who has ended up being a huge blessing in our lives. He took a situation that seemed hopeless due to circumstances and threats in which we thought would hold in court and not only reassured us but guided us down a path that has prevented the devastation we seemed to face. He began our journey by fighting for the well-being of a 12 year old child which was amazing. It wasn't about hurting the other party, his fight entailed protecting this child and his dads rights. He counseled us on every matter, made suggestions and took extremely professional actions. We are still going through the process and he continues to stand strongly beside us. Mr. Pomper is not only an excellent attorney but an amazing person that genuinely cares about his clients and not just his "job". He has left a life long imprint on every one of my family members hearts as he has prevented and saved a very amazing man from a great amount of distress that could have devastated his future. There are no words to express the gratitude that we feel for his professional guidance, his knowledge as to what needed to be done in an extremely difficult case and his sincerity throughout the process. I would recommend Mr. Robert Pomper to anyone in need of an excellent person that brings his heart to the core of his position as an attorney when defending his clients.

  • Mr. Pomper is the best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mr. Pomper. He was my third attorney and the second one at the Harris Law Firm. He was communicative, smart and know instinctively what was important and what was not. He kept me informed every step of the way. He can be aggressive when the situation calls for it without making things worse. He is a true professional in court and I cannot get over the way the judge just seemed to stop everything and listen to his well reasoned and articulate arguments. He ran circles around the other attorney. If you ever need a family law attorney, Mr. Pomper is the best!

  • Always by my side and never let me down

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Robert saved me from myself when I was emotionally defenseless and ignorant of the complicated legal divorce process.

    He did this by taking the time to genuinely know me as a person in every aspect, and applying this insight to his formidable experience and education. From this, he strategized an approach that was optimized for my very specific needs and explained every step of the process to me. I was a highly reluctant participant, but he kept me engaged by informing me of every conceivable and potential pro/con impact for critical decisions. At no point during this painful process did I question his commitment to my cause, and he always kept me calm and focused despite intense emotional interference.

    Robert was there for me every step of the way, professionally and personally. Money simply cannot buy the level of support he sincerely provided on my behalf.

  • Fantastic attorney and experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Donna

    Robert Pomper is a fantastic attorney and l would recommend him to anybody. I had been through 2 previous attorneys before I switched to Mr. Pomper. He was very responsive and knew the law. He also put together a great strategy.

    Before long, my case began to turn around for the first time. My ex's attorney now knew we meant business. Robert is aggressive when he needs to be and has a great presence in court. I wish I had him the whole time but feel so lucky to have found him. He is the best!

  • Poor Rating as per Review

    1.0 star

    Posted by Lisa Marie

    I was a client of Robert L. Pomper from December 2010 until 2012.
    Insulting derogatory remarks are unacceptable by an attorney or a financial paralegal whom handles the finances with regard to Client in the Attorney’s case and who is indirectly involved in dissolution of marriage, equitable division of assets, and subsequent child custody in the presence of an office assistant and a paralegal who directly handles a client’s case.
    Being called an objectionable name by the Attorney representative in the presence of others at a firm that is insulting and derogatory compromises trust in a law firm's abilities to handle dissolution of marriage and the child custody case. This is unethical and unacceptable.
    Being terminated as a client because a client asks for an investigation into the matter with regards to professional misconduct on an attorney's, financial paralegal’s-Law firm staff and the firm's part with no investigation conducted is also unacceptable.
    To terminate a client because of mistreatment by a firm is also unacceptable.
    As an attorney to offer free pro bono bridge legal assistance to future procured counsel and then charge the client for representation upon verbal promise and with no contract in place is also unacceptable.
    For a law firm to then offer a position as a paralegal to the client is also unacceptable as compensation.
    To terminate a client without substitution of counsel is considered an egregious legal professional violation in the state of Colorado.
    To charge a client for services with no contract in place and the offer of free pro-bono representation is also egregious.
    To then require client to retain new counsel at an unaffordable cost to review previous case history in addition to present representation is a financial hardship and results in subsequent compromise of a client’s case.
    Client is currently pursuing intake/investigation with the Colorado Supreme Court in next 2 weeks for both Robert L. Pomper's conduct.

  • Mr. Pomper is a great attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I went to Mr. Pomper a few months ago after having discharged my previous attorney. He listened very well and came up with a strategy. I was so stressed out and not used to such attention to my case. My wife wanted blood and Mr. Pomper, an excellent litigator, was ready to fight. However, he knew that I wanted to try to settle, if possible, so he used brilliant negotiation techniques and I received a fantastic settlement in a reasonable amount of time.

  • A Fighter for Fathers and what's in Their Kids' Best Interests

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Greg

    When I approached Mr. Pomper, I had approached him with a challenge. I basically had given up on the system and didn’t know if anyone could make life better for my children. To sum the incidents prior to meeting Mr. Pomper, I had been attempting to complete a divorce via the web in 2006 because it should have been easy. We had been living apart since 2005, and visitation with my two children had been established. Gradually, however, my wife decided that my phone contact and visitation should be decreased dramatically. The day after I had informed her that I had an attorney and that she legally couldn’t stop me from seeing my children, she had me served with an order of protection—April of 2006.

    My attorney at that time went to court on the order of protection and lost a hearing I Mr. Pomper would have lost. Additionally, I had left the courtroom with the understanding that I would not see my children for two years. I called my attorney’s office to verify that belief and to verify with the court that I couldn’t see my children for two years. The attorney verified that belief, but I called the court and discovered that I could have visitation with my children. Needless to say, I fired the firm.

    I was constantly being shut down by the judge and experiencing months of delays by my wife’s law firms. Contact with my children diminished to less than 24 hours a month, and any supervised visitation I had was cut short because of location restrictions, her showing up late, and other reasons. It seemed that whatever she wanted, she received in court: less time with my children, more and more money—building up to 62% of my net income. Every time I went to court, new false accusations came, and I lost.

    It seemed that the court system simply considered me a part of the divorce process but not a father. The court seemingly made me a visitor to my children and not a father, not someone who was free to love his children and share in their lives and tell them he was proud of them and that he loved them whenever he wanted to. When I was allowed to speak with my children, I sometimes listened to them cry and tell me they missed me and just wanted to be with me. As a father who loves his children very much, hearing their sorrow and dealing with the situation was incredibly difficult to deal with. Her umbrageous attempts to demoralize me without considering the consequences of my children’s well being seemed to be supported by the court, and I couldn’t stand walking into the courtroom.

    Then I hired Mr. Pomper. He made me feel very comfortable from the very beginning. He took the time to actually listen to what I had to say as a father and listened to my concerns. He looked at the paperwork I had collected over the 11 months of the proceedings. I really did not have high hopes because the case had gone so badly and that it only seemed that it would worsen.

    Mr. Pomper informed me that he thought he could turn it around and was interested in the case, letting me know that I would get to unsupervised visitation with my children. He did not mislead me; he informed me to think of the case as constructing a building brick by brick, that gradually we will win hearings and construct the whole building.

    From Mr. Pomper’s first appearance, we began winning hearings, gradually increasing my time with my children and increasing unsupervised time. The flood of money pouring out of my pocket stopped and reversed. He called me and showed interest in me as a person and my children’s well being. He made himself available whenever I needed advice and counseled me well. He constantly wanted to know how my children were doing, how the visitations went, how the time between visitations went as far as contact, and how I was doing in both my personal life as well as work. He demonstrated a true interest in me as a client. Never did I expect such care from a law firm.

    Today my children and I play, laugh, goof around, and do whatever they want to do. That’s what our relationship had been like before the divorce; that’s

  • The best Family Law Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I have had 3 different divorce attorneys and Mr. Pomper is by far the best. He is very knowlegable and was in regular contact with me during the proceedings. He was aggressive in court when the situation required and the judge listened to me for the first time. I called to refer a case but he is no longer at same firm and may have moved but receptionist refused to give me any information.