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Natalie Rose Sullivan

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  • There was a racial remark made to me at work, what should I do

    An inservice was give about new codes to the door, at the end of inservice the comment, if the code is given out you will be hung from a tree and dragged behind a truck and left dead

    Natalie’s Answer

    When someone does report an incident of discrimination and/or harassment to the appropriate person in the company, it is best to do it in writing and not just verbally. It is also best to date and address the written complaint, include any other incidents of harassment or discrimination, and specify the belief that the discrimination and/or harassment is occurring due to, or on the basis of, the protected classification (i.e., race). In fact, it is generally best to document everything that happens with detailed notes at the time it happens. The employer must then take prompt and remedial mesaures to put a stop to the discrimination.

    Be sure to talk with an attorney in your area for legal advice. Good luck to you.

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  • Question re: potential wrongful termination, age discrimination

    I work at a major manufacturing corporation. Recently, there has been an internal management change and the new plant manager is terminating supervisory personnel. Those targeted thus far have 20+ years of employment and are over 40. All have...

    Natalie’s Answer

    It may be worth pursuing. Some things to look for would be a pattern and practice of age discrimination, a hostile work environment based on age (worse treatment of workers over 40 years of age compared with younger workers, or ageist comments), and whether the company is replacing the older workers they terminate with younger workers. It is helpful to document these things.

    You may also want to be ready for the possibility that the company will offer you a severance package upon termination in exchange for a release of claims, including age discrimination claims. If you do release claims, there are very specific disclosure requirements the company has to meet under the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act.

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  • I worked for a large corporation for three years. About two years in i was charged with a felony grand theft charge that i accep

    I worked for a large retail coorporation for three years. About two years in i was charged with a felony retail theft from another retail establishment. My store manager at the time advised me that he wold hold my job as long as i didnt do jail ti...

    Natalie’s Answer

    Chances are you were an at-will employee, unless you had a contract of employment that guaranteed you a job for a set period of time. If your boss had made you a specific promise of continued employment with sufficiently definite terms, including a duration, such as promising you a job for the next two years if you signed a plea deal, then you may have had a claim for breach of contract. But it doesn't sound like there were enough specifics for that. At most, there is the possibility of a promissory estoppel argument, if you reasonably relied on his promise of continued employment, but that seems unlikely as well.

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