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Kevin Craig Massaro

About Kevin Massaro

About me

I grew up in South Texas, near Corpus Christi, and earned a scholarship to the University of Texas, where I obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering.  After several years working as an engineer, I realized that I needed a more rewarding career, and attended law school at the University of Denver.  Despite having to work full-time, and having two young children, I decided that a career in law was my passion.

After graduating from law school in 1994, I began my career as a criminal defense attorney and then started practicing family law.   At first, I found family law somewhat frustrating because I saw people whose lives were in turmoil.  But working in criminal defense taught me that even when faced with the most negative of circumstances, we still have an opportunity to build a positive future.

Family law matters are often difficult, even if everything goes well.  For many, there is barely enough money to go around before the divorce, and now, most of their expenses double.  People who once pledged to spend their lives together now want to get as far away from each other as humanly possible.  The children, who are too often caught in the middle of a divorce, find the uncertainty in their lives troubling, and often react in negative ways.

I think the practice of family law requires a practical, results-based approach.  As one attorney told me early in my practice “Some lawyers forget that our job is to bring the case to an end.”  For many, that end will occur in a conference room; with a mediated resolution that is a fair compromise from both sides.  For others, that end can only come from having their day in court.

Every action that I take in a family law matter is intended to move you toward that end.  If it requires me to fight to obtain the resolution you deserve, then that’s the approach we will take.  If a calmer, more negotiated settlement is the goal, and I prefer to work that way, then will be our path.  But my approach to the case will always be reasonable, and I will present our case with skill, professionalism, and the highest standards of integrity.   I will aggressively move the case forward, but will avoid tactics that unnecessarily add to the costs of litigation. I will consider what is best for the children, and will present your case in the best possible light.  I will work to find the shortest path to settlement or resolution, so the healing process can begin, and you can begin working toward a new and better life.

Prior to becoming "Of Counsel" at The Harris Law Firm, I also worked as a hearing officer for a metro area county, listening to parties resolving disputes over real property taxes.

In my spare time, I’ll often be found in the mountains.  Depending on the season, I may be skiing, fishing, rafting, hunting with my longbow, or just enjoying time at altitude.  I may also be cooking, as fine dining is another one of my passions.  You can also find me in the stands at just about any sporting event in Denver as I enjoy football, baseball, basketball and hockey!