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Cyrus Rajabi

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About Me Section of Cyrus Rajabi, Attorney - Shareholder with Jones & Keller, P.C.



Dear Visitor,

I strive to include passion, dedication & excellence in all aspects of my life, both professionally & personally. 

This dedication includes sharing the blessings of my good fortune through various charitable works & endeavors.

While I am experienced in many aspects of business law, my law practice focuses on the following:

  1. Securities & finance law (including regulatory compliance and mergers & acquisitions)
  2. Business & corporate law
  3. Real estate law (including transactions and development)

Please feel free to get in touch if you are in need of legal services or wish to discuss other ways in which we can work together, whether professionally or on charitable endeavors.

Founded in 1936, our AV rated law firm is among Colorado's oldest & most respected firms, providing an extensive range of business & personal legal services.

I consider myself "a writer, not a fighter," so to speak. I am a strong believer that respectful discourse & good old common sense tact can go a long way toward building the trust & goodwill that can streamline negotiations & remedy many a conflict, not to mention such an approach makes the World a better place. 

In other words, life is not a zero sum game. If you prefer to build something rather than tear it apart, chances are we will get along great.

I am particularly interested in connecting with individuals possessing a strong work ethic, passion for life, & broad view toward making the World a better place, all while providing for their own success & caring for their loved ones.

My professional activities and interests outside of the legal practice include equity positions in various business entities and commercial and residential real estate development. 

I look forward to building a brighter future with like-minded professionals sharing similar interests, as well as reconnecting with friends, colleagues & classmates. For my part, I commit to provide dedicated & unsurpassed service. 

Kind regards,

Cyrus Rajabi




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