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Christopher Paul Kendrick

About Christopher Kendrick

About me

As a trial attorney, Christopher Kendrick has tried many cases to jury verdict and consulted and worked on hundreds more. Christopher also has tried a number of cases to the court at both the County and District Court level.
Christopher Kendrick has developed a strong practice in defending those accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. After spending time developing his skills in family law, Christopher has rededicated himself to the practice of defending those accused of a crime by the State of Colorado. ​While at the Colorado State Public Defender's Office, Mr. Kendrick developed a reputation for aggressive and successful DUI and misdemeanor criminal defense. Through that experience, Christopher honed not only his trial skill, but also honed his ability to ensure that the District Attorneys are held to the high standard of proving their case beyond a reasonable doubt. ​This particular skill set allows his clients to benefit, not only from the ability to confidently take a case to trial, but also to negotiate from a position of strength with opposing counsel. After founding LKB Law, Christopher has dedicated his practice to those needing help in pursuing a divorce, protecting their rights as a parent, and modifying existing orders. ​ My PhilosophyAs a trial attorney, I am most comfortable in the court room, fighting for my clients. Through deep case analysis and preparation, I am adept at both skillful negotiation and trial. I make sure that my clients are well-informed and aware of every step of the process in their case. I will never try to force a client into a plea or settlement in which they are not comfortable. My goal is to ensure the best possible outcome for my clients while protecting their rights as an accused or as a parent.​

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