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Kristi Anderson Wells

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  • My daughter's biological father refuses to sign the passport.

    My daughter is 11 years old her Biological father lives in Puerto Rico. We were never married but he is the legal father in the birth certificate. I'm married with an ARMY soldier with station in Fort Carson (Colorado Springs).The Biological fath...

    Kristi’s Answer

    You are not without options here. Go to the Department of State website:

    You will have to fill out the Form DS-11 - Application for Passport. In addition, you have to fill out Form DS-3052. If you have sole legal custody, you can submit evidence of that and get the passport without the biological father's permission. If you do not have evidence of sole legal custody, you can still apply and submit Form DS-3053 stating why the biological father's consent cannot be obtained.

    Good luck!

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  • Is it legal for a company to cancel thier 401k plan and not offer anymore or any type of alternate plan?

    I have been working for a company for 13 yrs and been contributing to a 401k for all those years. We recently had a manager who worked for the company and he fired all but 6 of the old time employees and hired new employees in there place. He wa...

    Kristi’s Answer

    There is no legal requirement that an employer sponsor a 401(k) plan.

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  • COBRA Insurance... I have a couple questions.. who should be able to answer them, the 3rd party admin or my ex-employer?

    Unemployed since Nov 2008 and have been paying for COBRA since. In Jan 2009, my ex-employer made changes to their healthcare and I have asked both the 3rd party and ex-employer for a copy of the changes and they simply keep referring me back and...

    Kristi’s Answer

    It isn't clear from your question whether you have received your COBRA Premium Subsidy Notice (which was due to be distributed by April 18, 2009), and whether or not your employer is still sponsoring a group health plan. But, since nobody seems willing to answer your questions, I would suggest that you go to the Department of Labor website for information regarding the COBRA premium subsidy ( Search the term "COBRA", then, once you are on the COBRA page, scroll down and look for the link to FAQs for Employees. There is a phone number listed on that page so that you can speak to a DOL Benefits Advisor regarding the premium subsidy. They should be able to give you further guidance. Good luck.

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