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Jennifer L Keel

About Jennifer Keel

About me


I am a medical malpractice lawyer in Denver, Colorado who works exclusively with people who have been seriously injured as the result of a medical error.

My unique and varied medical background gives my clients an important and uncommon advantage. Although my undergraduate degree is in Criminal Justice, I spent three years studying biology and chemistry, changing majors in my senior year. I also completed the rigorous didactic and clinical education program for New York State's highest level of prehospital care providers, becoming a paramedic in 1995. I worked as a Paramedic for six years in the City of Rochester, New York, where I diagnosed and treated thousands of patients in need of emergent medical and surgical intervention in the prehospital setting. This included everything from heart attacks, strokes, diabetic emergencies, delivering babies, pediatric emergencies, major trauma, electrocutions and critical care transports to routine non-emergency evaluations and care.

I also spent two years as a Tissue Procurement Specialist and Procurement Team Leader for the Rochester Eye and Human Parts Bank, where I performed sterile, surgical tissue procurement procedures on tissue donors to recover transplantable joints and tissues for recipients across the country. During my undergraduate years, I worked in the operating room as an anesthesia technician and scrub-assist technician, and worked with Alzheimer's patients in a secured nursing facility. Finally, I also have experience in various areas of veterinary medicine and surgery with large and small animals. All of these experiences contribute to my understanding of broad medical and physiological concepts.

My specialized medical training and experience positions my clients at a strategic advantage in medical negligence litigation, which is the only kind of work that I do. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury that you believe might be the result of a medical error, call me to discuss your situation.


The exclusive focus of my practice is complex medical malpractice claims for catastrophically injured plaintiffs. I am licensed to practice in Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota, California, and the District of Columbia.