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Brett Marshall Godfrey

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  • Should i hire an attorney and sue apple for my mac book pro over heating and burning the skin on my legs during the night?

    i awoke to a burning pain on my leg to find that my mac book pro was so hot it had actually burned my leg. i was reading a book on the macbook pro and fell asleep with it in my lap. the burn area is a 4x4 inch patch of red skin that hurts worse t...

    Brett’s Answer

    Depending upon the severity of the burns, you may have a viable claim. Like most manufacturers of notebook computers, Apple has struggled with heat management issues. Their processors give out heat, and the older processors gave out more heat than the newer (Intel) processors. Depending upon how your machine was being used and the degree of harm you suffered, you might have a worthwhile lawsuit. On the other hand, if you misused the machine or your burns are minor, or both, then the time and expense of bringing an action would probably not be justified by the amount of any likely recovery.

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  • Involved in an accident with my relative's car, but it wasn't my fault

    I was involved in an accident with my cousin's car. The lady ran the red light and hit me, so it wasn't my fault. My cousin's insurance said the car was a total loss so they bought the car. My cousin's car has full coverage. My cousin thought they...

    Brett’s Answer

    If the property damage was not your fault, as you have stated, then you should have no liability. In fact, as a permissive user of the vehicle, you should be entitled to coverage for defense and indemnity from the insurer of the vehicle, even though you are not a "named insured" under the policy. As far as the threat with the Navy goes, your question is not specific enough to answer. Your legal liability for property damage, however, should be readily defensible. Any unpaid amounts should be collectable in court from the other driver. If your cousin was "upside-down" on her car loan (meaning that the car was not worth what she owed on it), however, this may leave her with unrecoverable out-of-pocket losses.

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