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Laura Lynne Ammarell

About Laura Ammarell

About me

I am proud to admit that I knew family law was my calling 20 years ago when I started law school.  For the better part of the last  two decades, I have had the privilege to work with some of the finest people I have ever known -- as they face  the most difficult emotional challenges of their lives.  Luckily, through the relationships we build, I also get to hear of their successes moving forward -- graduations, the arrival of grandchildren, and new relationships.  I absolutely love my job!


When my partner Dan and I decided to start Ammarell Deasy, we didn't just pay lip service to the idea of "being different."  We work with two of the finest young attorneys in Colorado and a staff that is unmatched.  Located in the heart of the Denver Tech Center, we serve the needs of our clients throughout the metro area -- and find ourselves driving from Ft. Collins to the Springs when people need us.   There really is not anything we have not seen in family law -- and with 40 years' worth of courtoom experience, we are different.


If you think you could use our help -- or just want to run some ideas by us because you aren't sure of your options or you may not be quite ready to take that final step before asking a judge to help you end the pain, give us a call.  We promise your voice will be heard.  Give us the chance to let you see the difference.

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