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Daniel Nelson Deasy

About Daniel Deasy

About me

     I am in my 23rd year practicing law in the wonderful State of Colorado.  I have spent all of those years in our courtrooms, travelling across the state to fight for clients in personal injury and family law (divorce and post-divorce) matters.  I work as an adjunct professor at both of Colorado's law schools, and I travel around the nation teaching advocates how to stand up before judges and juries and "do it" the right way.  There is very little that I have not encountered in the legal world, so if you need help dealing with anything, feel free to track me down to see if I can either steer you in the right direction or offer a bit more.

     When seeking legal counsel, "fit" matters.  You need to make sure you have comfort and security working with your lawyer.  I know that when people need attorneys, the circumstances usually aren't the best. At my firm, we work hard to meet your needs and give you the guidance in challenging times. While we can never promise you a result, we can promise to do evereything we can to deliver the outcome you seek!  We also promise that before we ever agree to work with you, that the "fit" is there for your sake and ours.

     Personally, as thrilled as I am to wake up each day and "go to work," my greatest pride and joy comes with my family.  Without meaning to offend anyone reading, I am married to the single most fantastic woman in the world.  To boot, we are blessed wth the most amazing children. Of course, there are times when I could do without the three dogs, cat and lizard . . . .


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