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Dagna Starzynski Van Der Jagt

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  • I live in Denver. Colorado

    I was seved for an eviction only by mail. The lawyer said that he wasn't required to serve my spose due to him not being on the lease. I wasn't hand served. I appeared for the court date of which thay were granted possession. When I brought up the...

    Dagna’s Answer

    By showing up at the court trial, you MIGHT have waived personal service. An attorney has to review the exact record and circumstances of your court proceedings. If your spouse was not on the lease, it is correct that he is not a party to the contract. At a trial or proceeding however, you could present your spouse as a witness if their testimony is relevant to your case.
    Dagna S. Van Der Jagt, Van Der Jagt Law, 303-646-7040.

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  • Is this legal?

    rental agreement: $850 which included utilities up to $125. beyond that, my responsibility. After moving in, she advised me there is another tenant beneath me in another unit and we would be on the same meter for gas/elec. Because my unit was th...

    Dagna’s Answer

    You landlord has an obligation and you have a right to receive an itemized statement of how your deposit was used within 30 days of the lease expiration. If you have not received such a letter, your landlord might be withholding your deposit wrongfully. You can follow up with your landlord in writing to request such a statement and if you have still concerns about the fees she has charged you, you should contact an attorney.
    Dagna S. Van Der Jagt, Van Der Jagt Law, 303-646-7040

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  • If there is damage to my apartment due to a leak, how long does the landlord have to fix it?

    The leak happened over 3 weeks ago. I called the landlord as soon as I found out about it and multiple times since then. They said there is a work order to get it checked out. The leak is getting worse and I am worried about mold. Should I ref...

    Dagna’s Answer

    Before you decide to go on a rent strike, it would be wise to have an attorney review your lease, advise you and also help negotiate a fast mitigation to the problem. Not payinug rent can set you up for damages and interest payments later, if the landlord acted reasonably in curing the problem. From the facts described it is hard to judge who is at fault and who is not.An attorney would need a better description of the circumstances and also needs to review your lease. A good way to protect yourself is to document every exchange, be it in writing or by phone conversation in a log. This can be later used as good evidence against the landlord and also help an attorney negotiate your case quicker and get results.

    Dagna S. Van Der Jagt, VAN DER JAGT LAW FIRM, 303-646-7040.

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  • What can I do to expunge my m2 dv charge for distruction of property in colorado

    When I was 21 I got a dv charge for kicking a hole in my own wall and my ex wasn't even home....the sheriif said it was a grey shaded area but the deputy had a vendeta against his ex that had taken everything from him...(told me all about it on th...

    Dagna’s Answer

    There are several options available, but it is hard to expunge a criminal. However, what is important for an attorney to look at, is what charge did you plea guilty to. What was the sentence? How long was your probation, what were the terms of your probation and how did you complete that sentence. Did you do complete your sentence to probation successfully or not.
    Also, you did not specify your field of work, but usually if there is a licensing board involved, an attorney can help you review your record and decide what the best option is for you.
    Dagna S. Van Der Jagt, Van Der Jagt Law Firm @ 303-646-7040.

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