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R Eric Solem

About R Solem

About me

Our legal practice is devoted to achieve the best result for our clients at a minimum of expense to them.  We try and keep all of our clients out of court but if court becomes necessary or expedient we do not shy away from aggressive representation of the client's interests.  We also have life long experiences ourselves in raising our children to adulthood, caring for our elderly parents and handling disabilities of close family members.  We bring our experiences to bear on our legal practice.  We are active in the community with charitable organizations and active in bar association and continuimg legal education /  We stay in touch with national state and local issues.  We love to travel but we especially love what life offers us here in Colorado.  We are blessed to live in a fine community and we believe in sharing our experience and love of community to enhance the lives of others, particualrly those who are vulnerable and in need.  Above all we apply values to our practice and we take great pains in demystifying the law so our clients better understand the issues they face in life in context.