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Eugene Scott Baroway

About Eugene Baroway

About me

After more than 20 years as a Denver litigator, my experiences in the court system lead me to believe that for most Colorado divorce case, the court system was the wrong way to resolve a divorce case.  The customary "day in court' approach was way too expensive financially and emotionally.  It also caused irreparible damage to the relationships of everyone involved.   So, I have punted on that approach to helping people and becamed trained in mediation to help people find workable solutions to their individual situations.  


As a lawyer, litigator, certified divorce financial analyst, and a person who had lived through divorce as a child and an adult, I have developed one of the most cost effective and fair processes in Colorado to help parties get through their divorce with a fair, workable, and practical result.  Endorsed by the BBB for over 15 years, my services are available to you today. 

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