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Stephen Clark Harkess

Stephen Harkess’s reviews

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  • Thorough, Accurate, and Informative....

    5.0 stars

    Posted by gmeades

    Stephen answered my initial question promptly, and provided good information I could move forward with. I followed up with some additional details, and again he responded promptly with a confirmation of my intended course of action. If he were local, I would retain him to handle this matter for me, so, obviously I rate him and recommend him very highly....!

    Consulted attorney
  • Questions

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Luvucc2

    I was so impressed that Mr. Harkess' answered in a very timely manner. He answered my questions directly and in a easy way to understand the legality of it all.

    Consulted attorney
  • Very professional and knowledgable.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Megan

    Mr. Harkess did a wonderful job of informing us what all of our options were. He reviewed everything with us in a timely and courteous manner. Our case was dismissed in a little over a week with his help.

  • very informative

    3.0 stars

    Posted by wish331

    I did not personally work with Stephen but he did answer my question to the best extent i feel so that i could take action and move forward with my problem. thank you.

  • What scam look at him...

    1.0 star

    Posted by johnny2timesyou

    Thinking all lawyers where indeed humans with emotions this man stephen clark harkess has confirmed that the majority of these people are the slim at the bottom of dumpster. I asked for legal advice about a situation that involved being forced to pay a lawyer fee through my RENT money to acquire more late fees ontop of my rent. This child had the nerve to answer with the following.

    " If it makes you feel better, the late fee in most leases applies to any amounts due which remain unpaid. Therefore, the late fees would likely apply if the payment had been applied to the rent instead of the attorney fees. " - stephen Clark Harkess

    This is what they consider to be a professional answer to a simple question. Instead of giving me the appropriate legal advice he seen l like a shark sees blood to support his fellow lawyer in receiving payment. Inhumane and extremely unprofessional.

    Lucky for me i found the real answers from real lawyers

    " Mr. Nessly is right - landlords are specifically forbidden from taking your timely rent and applying part of it to something else and then saying you owe a new late fee or giving you a 72-hour notice to vacate. "

    Stay away from this child.

    Stephen Clark Harkess’s response: “Sometimes people find free advice to be worth no more than they paid for it. Further, if you ask the same question of enough people you may eventually get the answer you want. That does not, however, make it the right answer.”
  • Great Lawyer for legal advice

    4.0 stars

    Posted by David

    I used Mr. Harkess for my bankrupcy case. He was very clear about the guidelines. Communication was a key part of our case do to the many creditors.

  • If you want results DO NOT CONSULT WITH THIS FIRM!!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Civil Rights client

    I would NOT recommend Steve Harkess or Jason Huston. I originally posted a question about a legal issue on and was contacted by Steve Harkess who refereed me to his associate, Jason Huston. I made an appointment to see them at their law firm. They accepted the case on contingency and told us they would be in contact soon. Several weeks went by and we heard nothing. Phone calls and emails were not returned. Finally I received an email from the firm explaining they were waiting for us to sign papers and a fee agreement, which had not been brought to our attention until this point. I said that I was available to do so immediately and continued to wait. It has now been two months of emails not being returned, phone calls not being returned with no contact from anyone at the law firm. I finally emailed and requested all paperwork that we left there as I need to get this matter resolved soon. No response. Three weeks later I resent the email, and finally got a response, to which Jason Huston nonchalantly replied that he would do so. No explanation as to why the firm doesnt have time for our case, or what the delays are in returning communication.

    Stephen Clark Harkess’s response: “Litigation is not a quick magical solution to any issue. Nor, even when attorneys are willing to work on a case and without payment for their time, is pursuing a case always free. This individual and her partner contacted the firm in mid-November. They met with two attorneys for free for over an hour in the office and were given a great deal of time and advice regarding their situation. They were advised that they appeared to have a valid claim and were told that the firm was willing to work the case on a contingency basis without any payment of attorney fees until the mater was resolved, but that there were costs involved in filing litigation and that a $500 cost retainer would need to be paid to cover the initial court fees. Despite the promises they made at the initial meeting, the ladies never brought in the money to cover the court costs and never signed a fee agreement with the firm. In other words, these potential clients never paid anything to the firm. Unfortunately it appears that they feel that they got just what they paid for. Less than thirty days after the intial meeting, we received angry emails regarding the lack of progress in the case. Potential cliens need to understand that law firms cannot always afford to pay the court costs involved in litigation on behalf of clients, especially when there is no up front payment for fees. Further, potential clients need to consider that litigation is not a quick fix to anything. When you meet with an attorney and are told that $500 will be required to file a case, the case generally cannot and will not be filed if you do not provide any payment. Additionally, even once the client actually does their part, lawsuits generally take months to produce any results. Even a county court complaint can take 6 months or more to get to trial and serious district court actions can take longer. Every effort is made to explain to potential clients what is expected of them if they want to pursue their case and what they can expect. Even when it is explained, however, some people quickly forget their obligations and develop unrealistic hopes for instant results. We will continue to strive to ensure that potential clients have an accurate understanding of their options.”
  • Excellent Answers - Very Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by lavend58

    Stephen Harkess has answered my questions here in a most professional manner and all of his answers have been helpful and have checked out correctly with other sources.

    If I had enough money - I'd hire him immediately. I highly recommend Mr. Stephen Clark Harkess.