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Gary Brandt Pulitzer

Gary Pulitzer’s reviews

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  • A hardworking attorney with a knack for detail

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paige

    Gary graciously took on my custody case three months into it after I had to fire a different attorney because he did nothing but mess up my case worse! My ex-husband took our 3 kids for his parenting time for a month in the summer and instead of giving them back filed to restrict my parenting time (I’m the custodial parent 88% of the time) claiming I beat and sexually molested my children (WITH NO PROOF). From the day that Gary accepted my case, he dived in head first and found out every detail there was to know about my case already so that he could start to unravel the mess. He and his staff worked tirelessly for several months until the next court hearing, filing everything possible to try to get the court’s attention so that the real details of the case could come out instead of only the muddled lies my ex-husband’s attorney was feeding the court and getting away with. Gary and his staff are absolutely AMAZING!! I honestly feel like they are a part of my family. They were in constant communication with me so that I was always updated on what was going on, which my first attorney wouldn’t even return my calls or emails. I really felt involved in the process because of the strong communication and incredible amount of effort Gary put into my case. Gary was not only in communication with me but also my children’s therapists, my therapist, CPS case worker, law enforcement, my ex-husband’s lawyer, etc. so that he had every bit of information he could get to use in court. It was evident from the time that Gary agreed to take on my intricate case that he was dedicated to revealing the truth and getting my kids back to me where they deserved. On the day of court, I was able to see all of Gary’s hard work and dedication shine through. He remembered the small details of my case that made a huge impact in front of the judge. Gary is ABSOLUTELY the reason that I have my kids back with me today. If it wasn’t for his strong work ethic, huge heart and dedication to my case, my ex-husband would have continued to get away with his lies. However, Gary would not be undermined and always fought to get the truth. I HIGHLY recommend Gary for help with your case. He exceeded all of my expectations and turned my case around when I had no hope of ever getting my kids back.

    Hired attorney
  • Solid Legal Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Attorney Pulitzer is an experienced family law attorney, practicing in Colorado for over 20 years. Mr. Pulitzer represented me as the respondent in my divorce case back in August, 2009. At that time, Mr. Pulitzer suggested and I agreed to a mediator, and we were able to quickly finalize the divorce settlement. My impression at that time was that Mr. Pulitzer was fair, straight-forward, and realistic in his approach to divorce settlement. He is thoughtful, carefully choosing his words and being terse, and straight to the point both in his oral and written communications. His costs are average and not onerous. I am pleased to write this review, because in my divorce settlement, Mr. Pulitzer included a "cohabitation clause" stipulation, exactly specifying the conditions needed to be met in order to terminate alimony. In May of 2012, I once again contacted Mr. Pulitzer for I thought those conditions now existed. We met, and he then proceeded to call an experienced private investigator for the necessary surveillance work to build our case. Over the next few months we gathered enough evidence to show that my ex-wife was cohabitating. With that, Mr. Pulitzer carefully advised me to stop alimony payments in September 2012. There was of course, marked resistance on part of my ex - wife and her legal counsel, but Mr. Pulitzer was calm and professional through it all. From September to December 2012, Mr. Pulitzer was able to successfully defend our position that the cohabitation clause was met, and alimony should be terminated. He successfully prevented my ex-wife from garnishing my wages at my work-place. He successfully defended me against a contempt of court motion on part of my ex-wife. Finally, in December of 2012, he successfully defended me in court. Mr. Pulitzer was absolutely phenomenal in court, winning the case, and having the alimony permanently terminated. Even through all of that, he attempted to make a settlement agreement with my ex-wife, giving her multiple chances to agree to an out of court settlement, but when that was finally exhausted, he admirably defended my position in court, and alimony was terminated. I have seen Mr. Pulitzer in his role as being my legal counsel in a divorce mediation, in his role as defending me in court, and in winning my case. Now, I see him as a good friend, a wonderful husband and good father as well. He is a genuinely good person, trustworthy, able, competent, fair, and as honest as you can get, and that is hard to find these days. I have no reservations whatsoever that Mr. Pulitzer, Gary, is the one to turn to in matters of Family Law, and he is highly recommended, from one professional to another, he is simply the best legal counsel out there today.

  • An outstanding lawyer who is knowledgable and compassionate.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Karrie

    Gary is a phenomenal attorney. He provides exceptional service for his clients and his expertise is unprecedented. From my first conversation with Gary, I knew that he was the one to help me. The first time that I called his office, he spoke to me personally instead of simply telling me to make an appointment. He took the time to listen to me and gave me his sound advice. I had been very nervous to call an attorney because I feared the stereotypic experience. Gary is far from stereotypic. He is honest and sincere and genuinely cares about his clients and protecting their best interest. He is confident and strong yet compassionate and respectful. He made me feel that my case was important and went above and beyond to be there for me. He has an excellent rapport with his clients as well as colleagues. He is meticulous, thorough and very trustworthy. He is highly experienced and knowledgeable, and yet very approachable and personable. His gentle manner made me feel comfortable and confident every step of the way. He is very practical and conscientious about cost as well.

    I am very grateful to Gary for his tremendous skill and feel extremely fortunate to have had him on my side. My case had a better outcome than I ever could have imagined all due to Gary’s hard work. He won my case for me and helped me more than words can explain. I cannot say enough great things about Gary and his outstanding work. He brought me through what would have otherwise been a miserable unbearable experience. Instead he made the experience one that I learned a great deal from. He explained things in clear terms and gave me the guidance that I needed to get through this difficult time. I highly recommend Gary for his exemplary work. His honesty, talent and upstanding ethics make him the very best attorney. I am forever indebted to Gary for all of his hard work and for being the wonderful person that he is.

  • A Child Focused Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Justin

    Gary has the experience and decency one needs in a family law attorney and because I was lucky enough to find him my children and I are happy and thriving after weathering an extremely high conflict divorce. Throughout my divorce Gary was a rock, his confidant and professional mode of operation was at times a sight to behold and was what allowed me to remain sane and focused on the well being of my children during the most terrifying time of my life. Regardless of what shocking tactic opposing council threw at us Gary had a solution that not only diffused the acrimony they so desperately wanted to create but also steered the direction of the case toward a child focused resolution. Gary developed a collaborative working relationship with me that made me feel like I was his only client and worked diligently to achieve a positive parenting and financial outcome for me. Gary’s Integrity and a true concern for the well being of my children coupled with his sublime application of law and strategy will never be forgotten and I am truly grateful for his efforts.

  • One of the Best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Terri

    Gary is a competent, experienced advocate for his clients. He just finished my divorce settlement and worked tirelessly to acquire the best results in a difficult, complicated divorce. He carefully went over all the legal issues and explained in detail what was in my best interest.
    Gary was well prepared on each aspect, and worked efficiently to keep costs down. His knowledge of my case and expertise of the law made it possible to settle without a court appearance. Gary has a great professional demeanor, along with a welcomed sense of humor making the situation bearable. I am grateful to Gary for the results he attained. I would readily recommend his services.

  • Gary changed my future: he was an advocate for ME throughout the entire, long process

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Madeline

    This is long, but Gary changed my life. I have struggled to find the right words to do him justice. Having him represent me has affected both me and my ex: I am financially secure; I have all 3 of my dogs (my ex tried to get 1); and my ex had to come up with a ton of money to pay me what the courts awarded me.

    The Divorce process took 10 years off of my health – If I had had my former attorney (who did nothing for me) and not Gary I have no idea where I’d be today. I do know I’d probably be one dog short and poor. When I changed attorneys everything changed for the better. Gary was always an advocate for me and got results.

    When you are ill you go to a general practitioner (attorney), where they tell you you need to see a specialist (Family law attorney). When the specialist has nothing new to offer you that all the other specialists have too - and none of it is helping, you find the one person in that industry whose passion and life’s’ work has been devoted to that one area and whom because of the dedication and knowledge has a lot more options to offer you (Gary) .
    I was terrified going into court and my ex offered a settlement on the court house steps. Given all the emotional trauma of the divorce process, the seemingly (to me) decent offer and fact my ex had “one of the top lawyers in Colorado,” I wanted to accept the offer and avoid the stress of the Permanent Orders Hearing. But Gary assured me we should go before the judge because he did not believe the offer was fair or in my best interest.
    We did do better in court than what was offered because I was awarded about 98% MORE than the offer I was going to accept. Gary was brilliant and quick on his feet. I still get a chuckle today when I think of how Gary demolished my ex and his attorney in court: I was almost embarrassed for my ex and his attorney as Gary broke them both down, point-by-point. As the day- long hearing progressed, the demeanor of my ex and his attorney changed from arrogant and assured to stressed and insecure. Gary’s pre-hearing preparation and brilliance in court during the hearing completely changed the game: I walked in terrified, while my ex walked in with confidence. But, I walked out on cloud 9 and my ex and his attorney walked out in disbelief. It was obvious to everyone I had the more skillful and better prepared attorney.
    Following the conclusion of the case (5 years ago) my ex failed to make court ordered payments. I was contacted many times by my ex since the conclusion of the case and offered as settlement a fraction of the money I was awarded by the court. Gary had many opportunities to be done with me and the case and say OK to one of my periodic calls to him where I stated “My ex offered me $X to close out this all and I think I should accept it." But Gary didn’t think it was fair and believed my ex was in a much better financial position than he claimed. Gary wasn’t making much money off of my 2 calls to him each year but he took my case so seriously and always wanted to get the best for me.
    Ultimately Gary negotiated a lump sum for me that was 8 times more than what I was willing to accept.
    Without Gary being my attorney, I have no doubt I would only have 2 of 3 of my dogs and barely any money and no hope or joy. Instead I got a ton of money and all 3 dogs. For anyone looking for advice during this traumatic time where you will not be yourself due to the stress and trauma I have 2 pieces of advice:
    1. Do not listen to friends' and family's legal advice - they are all wrong, and wrong all of the time.
    2. Retain Gary if you want the smartest attorney in the room on your side and you want to be represented by an ethical, compassionate, hard working attorney.

  • Best Lawyer in Jeffco

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mel

    I have known Gary now for over 8 years. Unfortunately, my ex continued to take me to court and/or quit doing what he was supposed to do. My ex is a very difficult person to deal with yet Gary has done an excellent job of attempting to work with him. I have won each and every time at court. Gary is very diligent about not wasting time and money and is always reasonable even when the other side is not. I truly do think the world of Gary. He is a wonderful family man as well as a terrific attorney.

  • Client Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lynn

    After asking several “high stakes” attorneys for a recommendation on a divorce lawyer, I was given the name, Gary Pulitzer several times. After meeting with Gary in late December 2009, I knew I had found the right person to take my divorce case. Gary was very thorough and careful to look out for my best interests throughout the case. He knew I wanted to keep my costs down, so he was diligent about spending my money in the most efficient way possible. Gary was able to see the “big picture” and work towards acquiring me a decent and fair settlement. At mediation I was tempted to take the offer, but Gary carefully and persistently showed me how the offer was skewed and, not in my fair. New to legal language, Gary was very patient and explained all court issues and legal procedures. My divorce was not easy and Gary steadfastly tackled every issue; always looking out for my best interest. He got me a fair settlement without having to go to court!

  • Best Lawyer in Jefferson County

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alfred

    Gary handled my divorce and child custody case in Jefferson County. Gary was on top of every move before during and after I was awarded custody of my daughter. There were few surprises in court because Gary covered all the bases. The case was 1st moved from California back to Colorado. The other side was shrewd but Gary and I were more shrewd and truth and justice was served.

  • Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Susan

    We have been using Gary Pulitzer for 6 years now because the ex keeps up in court. Because Gary is thorough and honest, we keep winning. We had a very complicated military divorce issue that went to the court of appeals. Gary won our case and set case law for Colorado. I highly reccommend his services