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People v. Satisfied Client

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Client Found Not Guilty by Jury on all DUI Counts

Description: FROM THE CLIENT'S MOTHER OWN TESTIMONIAL: I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you have done for us. Without you and your knowledge of the DUI laws we would never have been able to fight the injustices of our so-called ‘justice’ system. You are, without a doubt, the top-of-the-line defense attorney for DUI charges. I hope and pray that we will never again need your services, but if we ever do I will call you first. Your kindness, compassion, and concern for my son meant so much to me. I will be forever grateful for all you have done. Please tell Haley we are also thankful to her and all of her help in this matter. The Cessna Law Firm is absolutely the best.

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