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Mark Taylor Davis

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  • Great Lawyer who will get the job done!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Issac

    Hands down the best attorney in the area. Mr. Davis is ethical, straight-forward, and extremely intelligent! He has been my attorney for various cases over the past 5 years and he has never let me down. His presence in the court room is powerful, however it's his diligence and compassion for each client and case that really separates him from the rest!

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  • Excellent, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy Team!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Crystal

    Family law is such a stressful situation for anyone to deal with. I have had Mark T Davis and his attentive staff on my side throughout this difficult time. I live out of state and deal with his team mostly on the phone. When I call my questions are answered quickly and are always exceeding my expectations. They really take the time to keep you up to date with everything. The first time we had to go into court, I was so nervous. Mr.Davis is amazing in the court room. His professional demeanor and knowledge really kept me calm in one of the scariest times of my life. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who is in need of an affordable family lawyer. My experience of the team is amazing! Thank you all for everything you do!

  • Not the best Family Law Attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by TOM

    Let me start by saying that Mark Davis is not a bad attorney, he's just not the best for something as sensitive an issue as dealing with divorces involving children. He turned my case into a complexed matter and then pulled out and left me stranded. I am using a different attorney now to try to correct some of that mess that was partially his fault. If you have lots of money then he's very attentive, I've seen him take calls from other clients in front of me during a meeting that was on my dollar and then he told me," when my big money clients call I have to answer". He spent time talking to me on my dollar about his international vacations and his cars and other off topic things rather then focusing on the issue at hand which was my case.

    In his hands the case dragged on for months he allowed opposing council to request excessive amounts of discovery and did nothing to combat it, causing my bill to go sky high and then withdrawn from the case as it was getting near to an actual hearing. He wasted time during pre-trial conferences not really making any negotiations at all, but rather taking jabs at opposing council while the dynamic of my case lay in the balance. He left me with the feeling that opposing council was doing there job and he wasn't. To be fair opposing council was being extreme and excessive, however Mark Davis did nothing to stop this, he asked for one page worth of discovery that was very generic and allowed opposing council to request over 20. Filed No motion for interim attorney's fees, or no motions for sanctions when opposing council failed to produce there discovery on time. I felt very unprotected under his representation.

    He is inaccessible most of the time and more then likely you'll end up talking to his paralegal Lisa. Lisa covers for him quite a bit, and if your reading this Lisa you could do much better then this office. While Lisa is very pleasant, sometimes her knowledge on certain things is limited not to mention most of the cases are probably really being handled by her at least the "low money" ones, and I am sure she gets overwhelmed. So correspondence is little to none while your case is going on, there were times I would get calls that I needed stuff turned in today because something need to be filed or answered with the courts by tomorrow.

    What started out as an unpleasant experience turn out to be a nightmare once in his hands, to be fair he was only one half of the problem. If you have lots of cash then maybe your experience in hiring him as a family law attorney might be different. But personally I think he's better suited to handle Criminal and Business matters, Family Law is to sensitive an area for his kind of approach.

  • The only lawyer for me!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mark Davis has been my lawyer for years and the only lawyer I'll ever need.

    I first meet with him for a divorce my wife was seeking, I was extremely concerned especially because she wanted to be the SOLE MANAGING CONSERVATOR, meaning she wanted to keep my kids from me all together! And so began a massive court battle that took an unbelievable toll on myself and my children. Mark Davis fought viciously in the courtroom for me and I felt that he truly cared for my children and I. After the exhausting process and 16 months, I finally came out on top and my kids have lived primarily with me since.

    Several years later my son had a run in with the law, being that he is a young man I recognized the damage this blemish on my son's record could have on his life. Mark Davis again took this very seriously and helped my son maintain a clean record that later helped him land a great job, even later expunging the 'not guilty' so it never even happened.

    I later hired Mark Davis again to write my will, and still occasionally have him to look over labor contracts.

    Like I said Mark Davis is the only lawyer for me, I do and always recommend Mr. Davis!

  • Not as good as viral video ad he proposed about the child support system.

    2.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    It has been a while since my life was impacted with getting laid off from a good paying job on September 2013. One day my girlfriend and I were watching the news and the news station broadcasted a video about attorney Davis being interviewed in regards to child support (CS). So, after I saw this video ad, I said to my self: "Finally, someone that cares and is willing to fight for me against this corrupted system". The next day we went down to Mr Davis's law office to explain my situation and he stated it was going to be a very simple case for child support modification. So I booked him as my lawyer.

    My first hearing was set for January 2014, it was postponed for March. March came hearing was heard, but the judge didn't have a ruling, so he postponed it for July. July came and to no surprise, it was postponed again till September. I presented all the necessary documentation and credible evidence to Mr. Davis to present to the court and opposing counsel. However, I didn't see that aggression from Mr. Davis in trying to resolve my case because obviously, it keeps getting postponed without a ruling or agreement with the opposing counsel. Yet, I keep getting charged left and right with no results! I thought this was a simple case?! Still paying the same high rate CS, and the opposing counsel. DON'T BELIEVE THE AD HE CREATED! IT'S TOTAL BS! DON'T BE DECEIVED AS I WAS! This is a business that charges you for everything. TRUST me I know because I am still paying the fees! Also, his staff is very unprofessional, lose your payments, and don't communicate much as they are supposed to do. All lawyers are in it to make money off you and THEY do not care and fight for you as they proclaim! The whole system is just flawed!!!

  • Mark T. Davis, The Lawyer That Cares

    5.0 stars

    Posted by William

    Mark T. Davis helped me to solve my child-support issues with hard work. He really cares about his clients. He'll stick by you even in your most difficult and trying times. In the end, he found a solution to my problems and it really was a win-win for both parties, and especially for my two sons. I'd highly recommend Attorney Mark T. Davis. He'll deal with you one-on-one and he'll always keep you up to date on the progress in your case. He's a winner!

  • Men have rights too! SOLID representation for contested divorce and custody in El Paso Texas that the average guy can afford.

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mr. Davis stands firm for Men's Rights by providing OUTSTANDING representation during divorce and custody litigation. Mr. Davis doesn't buy the "Mom's always win" mentality and you shouldn't either.

    Your kids deserve better than an "every other weekend" father and YOU deserve better than an average attorney. Mr. Davis will stand by your side and go the distance for you without breaking the bank.

    A highly contested divorce is expensive and Mr. Davis is all business. My experience with Mr. Davis and his staff convinced me that he's all about working towards his client's goals while MINIMIZING legal fees! I spent HALF the legal fees I expected and got better results than I ever imagined.

    He's not a miracle worker, but he WILL provide exceptionally skilled representation at a very reasonable price because he stays focused on the important issues. He won't let you down inside the courtroom or out. He's the best friend a man can have when you're facing a nasty divorce.