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Sidney Joseph Diamond

About Sidney Diamond

About me

I was born and grew up in El Paso, Texas.  I went to the University of Texas at El Paso where I obtained a bachelor's degree in business.  I studied law and obtained my law degree from Baylor University School of Law.   When I passed the bar I went to work for a small Dallas, Texas lawfirm.  Worked there for about a year at which time I was about to get drafted so I joined the airforce.  When I was discharged from active duty I returned to Dallas and went into practice for myself. Over the next i/2 years the practice grew and the name of the firm became Diamond, Leviton, Goodner, Winkle, Wells & Harrison.

In 1972 it became obvious to me that I simply was not a big city type of guy and I moved back to El Paso and have lived and practiced law here ever since.  I love this city, its people, its culture and the climate.