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Albert Armendariz Jr.

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  • Seeking Help (not a client of his)

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    Posted by a Immigration client

    My husband is seeking political asylum; his life is in danger if he returns back to his country. Due to logistics in where his detention center is located, we have been unable to find any non-profits to help us in our situation. I turned to Mr. Armendariz at the recommendation of three different lawyers. It turns out, he is the only one in the area that offers paid help for people seeking asylum. Why? Often the prices that lawyers must charge to recoup their cost of time with these cases is too high. Mr. Armendariz charges it: he offered me a cost over $15,000 win or lose. I called to find out about hiring him as our attorney, but after two days I had not received a call back from his office as they had promised I would. I called a second time, and after finally speaking with him, I wouldn't pay him even if I had the money.

    At the onset, I gave him the history of my husband. Within just a couple of sentences, he stopped me and said there was nothing I could do and that we didn't have a case. He hadn't even let me finish. With one sentence more out of my mouth, he said that we had a chance. Of course we do! If only he had let me speak. At that point, he went on to quote me his rates. I was startled to learn that we'd have to pay $1,000 just to know if he'd take on the case or not. I asked him one general question regarding time my husband might have to wait in the detention center. He told me he could not give me his opinion. I rephrased it another way and he still wouldn't give me an answer. The difference when I spoke to a professional elsewhere was dramatic. The lady answered with facts and without her opinion, "He can sit in there for as long as two months before being eligible to ask for a court date."

    My husband's life is at stake and this guy really has the nerve to treat people so callously. I cannot believe how anyone can recommend him. When I asked what else I could do, he didn't offer me any place to go other than a "non-profit." Compare this to a very professional immigration lawyer I spoke with. She doesn't do political asylum cases, but she was very kind and gave me phone numbers and local resources I could try. From her extensive background, I realize that she must be just as busy, if not busier, as Mr. Armendariz - and yet, she still had the decency to give me viable options.