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M. Daisy Everhart

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  • Ms. Daisy Everhart is the best in the Southwest!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joshua

    Ms. Everhart is by far the best Family Law Attorney in the Southwest/El Paso area. She professionally represented me, and my family's best interest. I would recommend her for any father or mother seeking what is right and ethical for their children and their own individual rights as a parent. Her support staff Deanna and Amy are also very efficient and effective, and professional. I went with cheap attorney before and paid the price. I know now you can't sacrifice quality for cost. Ms. Everhart is the best!

  • wants to settle, but not to your benefit. If you don't agreed, takes your money then dismisses you. DO NOT HIRE her

    1.0 star

    Posted by mARIA

    Hired her in 2011, for divorce secondary to infidelity/domestic violence. From the first meeting, I was upfront with her regarding serious dealings by ex -spouse e.g. forgery of checks/ documents, hidden bank accounts, etc. Stated she could "handled anything. " When my ex switched to a "most expensive lawyer in EP" (her own words), her fees quadruple. As ex's lawyer dragged case, her fees were accumulating and I did not have the means to give her monthly payments. She tried to coax me into settling: basically my ex would be awarded everything and I be awarded attorney's fees to pay her. When I voiced my opinion that this was very unfair, she gave me a lecture (and a copy of an article from Texas State Bar) stating that more than 65% of females undergoing divorce in the state of Texas end up in a severe financial dilemma and even bankrupt . From here own, it just got worse for me. She failed to enforce sanctions against my ex regarding his discovery; her staff (including her daughter) became rude and very defensive when I would bring up my right to force ex to produce his discovery. She then send me a letter demanding another $10,000 to continue with my case. When I did not meet her demands, she took me to court for motion for withdrawal of counsel, which was granted by the Judge of 65th court. Two years later, I still can not get divorced, I am broke, but yet I do not qualify for legal aid because I do not meet the criteria. And what is worse, she not only prolonged my case but because she never made a motion to compel my ex to produce his complete discovery (hidden bank accounts, properties,etc), it will lead to unfair trial. At this time, I am just waiting for my ex's lawyer to set a date for trial. And what is worse, the JUDGE CONSENTED TO MY CHILDREN'S SUPPORT CHECK BE SIGNED OVER TO PAY FOR MY EX-SPOUSE'S LAWYER'S FEES.

    DO NOT HIRE HER!! YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUR MONEY AND TIME!!! In the beginning, she will make all sorts of promises. But when she becomes overwhelmed with your case, (JUST LIKE THE PREVIOUS REVIEWERS STATED) she will coax you into settling but it will not be to your benefit. If you refuse to settle, she will demand more money. IF you refuse her demand, then she will withdraw as your lawyer, and believe me you will not have any type of recourse with the legal system.

  • Extremely Satisfied!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Susan

    I obtained Mrs. Everhart for my divorce 5 years ago. It was a very difficult time for me. Mrs. Everhart always made me feel welcome and comfortable. She will be very specific with you concerning the details in your case. She makes sure you understand what happens every step of the way and always has your best interest at hand. She has 19 years of experience and it certainly shows in the courtroom. I had to obtain Mrs. Everhart again last year, this time concerning an increase in child support. Once again Mrs. Everhart demonstrated her ability to succeed in the courtroom. Mrs. Everhart has been a light in my life when I needed it. I have been able to focus on other areas of my life knowing I had the support of Mrs. Everhart in the courtroom. I highly recommend Mrs. Everhart to anyone who is looking for a professional attorney who is sincere and has your best interest in mind.

  • likes to settle, too soft

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I retained Ms Everhart for a custody/ child support modification issue. I had exactly the same experience as the last reviewer. She coaxed me into a settlement agreement with talk of how the judge would be upset if the judge were made to hear the case. She flat out ignored some of the very serious issues I brought up that needed to go into my orders. She told me everything I was agreeing to was standard TX family code stuff, it wasn't.
    The opposing counsel got everything they wanted, I got nothing I wanted, and major issues were ignored, and unresolved. These issues came back to bite me later, and cost extensive amounts of time and money to try to resolve.
    It seems her MO is to get her clients to settle/agree to anything the other party desires.
    I recommending finding a more aggressive lawyer unless you and the other party are already in agreement about everything anyway.

  • She was a daisy

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    She did look out for my best interest. She coaxed me into agreeing to the divorce term saying it was all standard. Which it wasn't!! I would never reccommend her to any one who is seeking a fair divorce! I was screwed so bad by my ex's attorney that it made my head spin when I finally realized what she convinced me to sign it was to late!!!!.