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Thomas J. Turner

Thomas Turner’s Legal Guides

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  • Mild Brain Injury/Concussion symptoms

    Mild Brain Injury/Concussion Symptoms In practically any situation in which a person's head is violently shaken, as in a collision, or directly struck hard, most people will experience one or more co

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  • To Do list before a disaster like a housefire, tornado, or hurricane

    To Do list after a housefire 1. Contact your insurance company immediately 2. Housefire smoke ruins everything. Although things CAN be cleaned, they cannot be made new again. Salvage companies ar

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  • Get a Police Report if Involved in a Collision

    Documenting damages--General Injury If you are injured and suffer bruises, cuts, or abrasions, take pictures to preserve the evidence. Use a good digital camera (at least 10 megapixels resolution) a

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  • What to do if you are involved in a colliision

    Slip/trip and fall 1. Look to see what made you fall 2. Get names and contact informatin of any witnesses 3. If you are injured, seek medical attention 4. Do NOT tell store personnel "it was all

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