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Robert Smead Hogan

Robert Hogan’s Legal Guides

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  • Personal Injury Myth #1 - I can't file a personal injury claim if my health insurance paid my bills

    Hurt in an accident? Health insurance paid your bills? Great! Do you still have a personal injury claim, and should you pursue it?

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  • 6 Things your Doctor won't tell you about tort reform - medical malpractice

    6 Things your Doctorwon't tell you abouttort reform. Over the last two decades, medical malpractice law has been under the microscope, and legal rights and remedies of people injured by medical negligence has been eroded over and over again. Here are six things that your Doct...

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  • Injury Claims Against Government Agencies in Texas

    If you have ever done business with, or been damaged in some way by a governmental agency, you might think that government agencies have to play by the same rules as the rest of us. Right? Wrong. So here are some things that you should know about when a government agency is liab...

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  • Know your rights when dealing with collection agencies (Part 1)

    Example 1 Mr. Smith from ABC Collections calls you at 9:15 p.m. on your work cell phone telling you, yet once again, that you owe $172.62 and must satisfy this obligation immediately. Example 2 Ms. J

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  • How to choose a personal injury lawyer

    Talk to friends One of the very most important sources to find information about an attorney is to talk to friends who have used an attorney. Keep in mind, though, that attorneys tend to specialize,

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  • Guide to purchasing auto insurance in Texas

    Select a reputable insurance company When you really need auto insurance is after an accident. Unfortunately, by then it is too late to find out the company you are insured by is difficult to deal w

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