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Tray Payne

Tray Payne’s Legal Guides

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  • Five questions when seeking to hire a DWI/DUI attorney in Lubbock or West Texas.

    Question #1 If you're speaking to as attorney who tells you they have handled DWI cases, ask them how many times they have actually taken a DWI case to Jury Trial? Ask them to explain what HGN is and

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  • Tips for Lubbock and West Texas Criminal Defense

    How to game plan your legal defense in West Texas! I grew up in a small town with less than 4,000 citizens. Like most small towns in West Texas, the people have a fairly harsh view of crime and crimi

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  • Lubbock Divorce Law: What to do when "You've Been Served."

    Being served with a petition for divorce can be devastating. The events leading up to divorce are often difficult enough, but when the processor says "you've been served", reality tends to sink in. So what do you do when served with a petition for divorce? First of all, don't pan...

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