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John Clayton Zinda

John Zinda’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Calculate a Truck Accident Settlement

    Truck accidents can be one of the most terrifying experiences: in one instant, your car is a twisted piece of metal and you and/or a loved one is physically and emotionally scarred. When accidents involving trucks occur, more damage is inflicted on small passenger vehicles and vi...

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  • Who Takes a Child’s Medical Bills Post-Divorce?

    Divorce is a difficult process made even more difficult when there are children involved. Child support can be an intimidating thought that brings up thousands of questions in your mind. One of the most common concerns among parents seeking a divorce is who will pay their childs ...

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  • Is Your Relationship a Common Law Marriage?

    While the common form of marriage is one that takes place under legal sanction and is recognized under a civil marriage contract, other forms exist as well. Common law marriage is a term used to identify the interpersonal status of a habitual relationship of longstanding. Believe...

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  • Dangerous Animals and Personal Injury Law

    Animal behavior cannot be entirely predictable because they are animals and essentially wild to some degree. When innocent adults and children are seriously injured by a dangerous animal, they should seek compensation for damages such as medical expenses, reconstructive surgery a...

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  • Spousal Support and Alimony in Texas

    In marriages of a significant duration, the issue of whether or not spousal support is paid will have to be addressed. Spousal support or alimony is not automatically awarded in divorce; however, it can be awarded under certain circumstances which are up to the judges discretion....

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  • Child Abuse in a Trusted Day Care Setting

    Parents have a duty to support and care for their young children, if caring for their children properly requires the parents to put their children in day care, then they do what they have to do. The majority of day cares do their best to provide a safe and nurturing environment f...

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  • Man Drowns at NFL Pool Party

    A rowdy pool party turned into a tragedy at the home of a Houston Texans defensive end player. Authorities do not suspect foul play in this swimming pool accident. A man was discovered at the bottom of a swimming pool on Sunday morning. The accident occurred at the home of an NFL...

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