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Trevor Anthony Taylor

Trevor Taylor’s Answers

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  • Whats the statute of limitations for a personal injury case?

    A few years back i was burned by boiling water/antifreeze that spewed from a busted heating core inside the car while I was driving. I was just curious because I saw the medical expenses on my credit report so I wanted to know if I am s.o.l. or c...

    Trevor’s Answer

    The statute of limitations in Texas for negligence/products claims is two years from the date of the incident. The discovery rule can sometimes toll that limitations period, but I don't see it applying in your case.

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  • What will a adjuster offer as a settlement since there was no lost wages this was a auto accident

    the other driver admitted fault I completed therapy 5 weeks 3days aweek and my auto has been repaired

    Trevor’s Answer

    Trying to predict what an adjuster will offer is fraught with peril, and often not a very good guide to what a claim is worth. They have a motive to low ball you. Under Texas law, even if you don't have a claim for lost wages, you can (with proper proof) recover for physical pain and mental anguish (often referred to as pain and suffering) and physical impairment (things you could do before the wreck that you couldn't do after). Consult with a good San Antonio lawyer to test the proof you have and help you with your claim.

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