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  • My oldest brother died in the crash of flight 3407. It has consumed my life, as it has with so many others. What are my rights?

    I have let it take over my life so maybe I am to blame by letting it consume me this way. But any way do I have any rights?

    Mark’s Answer

    The National Transportation Safety Board has recently issued its probable cause findings and its recommendations for the FAA to implement in the interest of air safety. Not surprisingly to those of us in the aviation law field, the NTSB found that Continental''s inadequate pilot training and lack of standardization were substantial factors in this tragic and preventable crash.
    You as a sibling may have rights under some states' laws for the wrongful death of your brother. Your question "what are my rights?" is a fair and simple question, but the answer is complex because many states' laws are involved. If you have not already done so, you need to seek out an experienced aviation attorney to guide you through the process.
    I send you my condolences and best wishes.

    Mark Pierce

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