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Karl Hays’s reviews

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  • Awesome attorney that's ready for any situation!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Abass

    Mr. Hayes and team made everything easy and manageable.
    I cannot speak highly enough of Mr. Hays and his legal assistant. Mr. Hays legal assistant kept my Wife and I in the loop and always answered our questions.
    Everything, ultimately, worked out!!! We even followed the preceding online which we loved a lot. We won our case and after reading the judgment, Mr. Hays presentation was sharp, attentive and straightforward...
    Anytime anyone asks me if I know an attorney, I give them Mr. Hays number!
    He's is that good!

    Thanks Mr. Hays for everything you and your office did for our family!

    Hired attorney
  • An Extraordinary Attorney with Extensive Knowledge

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jackie

    Mr. Hays has assisted me with an extremely difficult and highly complicated case that ended up going to the Supreme Court and back. He has been my attorney now for more than five years and has always been informative, compassionate and very detailed in his explanations of where our case was and what we needed to do next. He has been a rock for myself and my son during all of these years of litigation and has consistently represented us with grace, dignity and professionalism in a case where the other side did their best to make my son's life a three-ring circus. I give him the highest recommendation and have referred many people needing assistance with family law issues to him and will continue to do so. He is an excellent attorney and a good man. His assistant has shown an incredible amount of compassion and has been a firm hand to hold when we needed one, as well. He kept my son safe and I am extreme grateful for his professionalism and willingness to be there for us through so many years of difficult and complicated legal issues.

  • Neglected my case

    1.0 star

    Posted by Annine

    I went to Mr. Hays on a recommendation by a counselor who said that I had to have a lawyer. I paid a $250 consultation fee and after looking over my papers and letting me describe my legal situation involving my son, child support, expense reimbursements, charges filed against me by my ex-husband. Mr Hays assured my that he is board certified and that he could take care of everything. He told me he needed a $3,000 retainer if he were to represent me and my son. I did not have a good feeling about him as he didn't ask me any questions and seemed remote and unfriendly. I consulted with another board certified attorney who asked all the questions Mr. Hays would not, and was very concerned about my case, but he was leaving the country for a vacation. As he was thinking about how I could find someone on a limited retainer, I told him about Mr. Hays. The 2nd attorney said that he knew Mr. Hays and that he would be a "bad boyfriend, but a good attorney." So being in a situation where I desperately needed a lawyer, I took out a car loan for the $3,000 retainer and gave it to Mr. Hays after which my legal nightmare ensued. At first, his legal assistant was very rude when I called for information. But when I did get to talk to Mr. Hays about my case, he would either refer me to his legal assistant, or to a court ordered counselor that my ex's attorney referred to as a "drug counselor" for my son. It turned out that the counselor she named was not a "drug counselor as she claimed in court. This counselor ended up being assigned as a "Parent Coordinator which was never issued by a court order, nor was it agreed to by me. Mr Hays kept telling me that this counselor was going to negotiate the terms of the legal situation and oversee my ex husband's behavior and actions. Mr. Hays did nothing in response to the charges filed against me by my husband and I ended up with a judgement against me. Mr Hays did nothing about my ex's claim that his income was $3,400 per month despite having a busy contracting firm, living in an exclusive neighborhood, and frequently vacationing. He did nothing to get what was legally owed to me for sports, music lessons, and the health insurance I pay for. He consulted with the opposing attorney without my informing me that he was doing so. During this time, I was so panicked because I knew he was neglecting my case. I consulted with another attorney who could only referred me to the state bar, and I relayed all this to a counselor I was seeing for all the mental distress and panic I was experiencing. It was and continues to be a nightmare. My credit is ruined, and I am financially struggling. If I had the child support and expenses I was due, I would have paid for sports fees, SAT training, school clothes, etc. that my son needed by never obtained. It is my opinion that Mr. Hays chose to neglect my case. The bad feeling I got when I first met Mr. Hays haunts me as I should have listened to my instincts. I've experienced discrimination many times since moving to Texas as a child.