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G. Thompson’s Answers

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  • How can I move my mother form Ga to TX if she is physically paralyzed and needs to be in a nursing facility?

    My mother has been diagnosed with cancer stage 4 lymphoma and there is no family in Ga. I want to move her here to tx. Is this possible?

    G.’s Answer

    I'm not sure I understand your question. Of course it is possible, if you are able to safely transport her to Texas. If she has been diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma, the question may be whether or not it is prudent to move her at this time. Will a move at this time be good for her wellbeing. If you plan for her to be in a nursing facility, you should make arrangements prior to moving her. Is she able to pay for her own care in a nursing home or will she need medicaid? If she has already qualified for medicaid in Ga, it is possible that she can be qualified in Texas, but you should have a conference with a Texas Elder Law attorney to be certain. The Medicaid rules can be different in each state.

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