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Myron Russell Morales

Myron Morales’s Legal Guides

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  • H-1B Rotational Employees and LCA Requirements

    Companies often put their H-1B employees on rotation to work at different locations throughout the United States.Such a practice can create LCA filing requirements that differ from the typical H-1B single location filing.The satisfaction of these requirements can be accomplished...

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  • H-1B Change of Employer Issues

    When a person is already in the U.S. and is employed while in valid H-1B status, they are allowed to change employers if the new employer files a change of employer petition.Upon the filing of an approvable petition, the person may begin working for the new employer.This scenari...

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  • Do I have to leave the U.S. to get Permanent Residence through my USC Spouse?

    A question that immigration attorneys hear quite often is whether a person who is seeking permanent residence through their U.S. citizen spouse must leave the U.S. to complete the process. As a general rule, you must be able to demonstrate a lawful entry in order to gain permanen...

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  • Returning on Advance Parole or H-1B

    Normally, an applicant for Lawful Permanent Residence must apply for and receive an advance parole document in order to return to the United States following international travel. The consequence of not doing so could mean that the application for permanent residence is deemed ab...

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  • K-1 Becomes Permanent Resident after 30 Years in Limbo

    Persons entering the United States under the K-1 fiance classification have 90 days to marry and thereafter change their status to that of a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR). The K-1 classification is unique in that you can adjust your status only through the person that you marry...

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  • Outstanding Researcher Needs International Recognition

    Most applicants under the Outstanding Researcher category have no problem satisfying the first half of the test that the USCIS applies, but sometimes there is uncertainty about the second half of the test. That is, there are usually questions about how to prove that their work is...

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