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Cancellation of Removal victorhy

Case Conclusion Date: 12.14.2010

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: approved-client now a permanent resident

Description: Man had lived in the USA for 15 years. he had two permanent resident parents who were to old to work. his wife spent her time taking care of the in laws and thus could not pursue her degree in cosmotology. she had 4 children from a previous relationship. my client worked to support all of them. he worked ten hour days 7 days a week with almost no breaks to relax. for him to return to Mexico to get his green card meant that his father wo9uld probably die as there was no way to pre pay for a years worth of medications for him, support his wife and 4 step children. they would have been throuwn intoabject poverty. the Imigration judge granted him his green card saying "you better not get sick, all these people are depending on you.

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