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William Raburn Mitchell

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  • What to do after a DWI/BWI Arrest in Texas

    With the rising number of first time DWI arrests in Austin, Burnet, Marble Falls , and other surrounding hill country areas, many people are finding themselves in the position of having to deal with a new and unforeseen legal problem. Most of us find that the process immediately ...

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  • Assault Offenses

    Assault charges in Texas range from a fine only Class C Misdemeanor all the way to a First Degree Felony.I hear many people say they were arrested for assault but dont have any idea what kind of assault until a lawyer sits down and explains to them the difference between all the ...

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  • Client's Role in A Jury Trial

    It is your decision to go to trial. You have discussed the case fully with your attorney, reviewed the evidence and how it applies to what your being accused of doing, and now you make the call to let a jury decide. This post intends to shed a little light on what to expect, and...

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    Now that the holiday season is upon us, were bound to hear more and more about No Refusal Weekend initiatives.Whenever you hear about Blood Warrants in DWI cases, Im often asked how can the police get away with this? We as a society presume the police wouldnt do anything unlawful...

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  • What To Do if Pulled Over After Drinking?

    Every social setting Im in, this question always pops up, what should I do if I am ever pulled over after drinking? Everyone who has ever been to a bar or restaurant and had something to drink needs to know this answer. Particularly, when you consider the surge in the amount ...

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  • Driver's License issues with DWI/DUI in Texas

    YOU ONLY HAVE 15 DAYS FROM YOUR ARREST DATE TO REQUEST A HEARING BEFORE YOUR LICENSE IS SUSPENDED!!! Dont be surprised when the police confiscate your drivers license once you get arrested for DWI. They are authorized by law to do this. WHAT IS IMPLIED CONSENT? In Texas, t...

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  • Misdemeanor Drug Cases in Texas

    Misdemeanor possession of marijuana (marihuana) (POM) and possession of controlled substance (POCS) cases can carry collateral consequences outside those specifically assigned to Class A or Class B misdemeanors. The Texas Health Safety Code contains the Texas Controlled Substanc...

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  • Holiday DWI

    Now that the holidays are here and the parties, vacations, and celebrations are everywhere, there is always an increase in our law practice. This is because law enforcement always steps up their vigilance for DWI arrests during this season. The increase in the television com...

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