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Sarah Balaparya

Sarah Balaparya’s reviews

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    1.0 star

    Posted by Sreena

    Sarah Balaparya was retained for my divorce. I did get my divorce, unfortunately, I recently found out that I am still liable for the loan on the property which was awarded in full to my ex, as part of the settlement. Sarah didn't include that he had to refinance the mortgage to remove my name from the loan in the final divorce decree, and there is nothing I am able to do to compel the Respondent to refinance the mortgage and take me off the loan paperwork.
    I am stuck with the debt, even though I have no rights to the property, until the debt is payed off. This was a gross mistake Sarah made and I have to suffer the consequences of it for years to come. I trusted that Sarah would take care of the divorce settlement appropriately, but that did not happen. I was made to pay a large sum of money for her services and will continue to have negative consequences of her actions. She has demonstrated that she is unskilled in her field and did not think to be thorough in her paperwork. I am disgusted with her work ethics and practice. As part of the divorce settlement, my ex was awarded the house. I signed the title and deed over to him as part of the final divorce settlement. I looked at my credit reports and found that the house debt was still on my credit! At the time of the divorce, (not having any prior experience in the matter) I assumed that by signing the title and deed, I would be relinquished of the debt on the house, since I would have no rights to the house. I contacted the credit bureaus (Experian, Transunion, Equifax) and was told by all three bureaus that the divorce papers should have made it clear that whomever was awarded the house should've had to refinance the loan within a certain amount of time to remove the burden of the debt from the other individual.
    The credit bureaus further said the only way I can be relieved of the debt is if my ex were to pay off the 30 year loan or refinance the property on his own.
    Since the divorce has been finalized, and I am not on speaking terms with my ex, there is nothing I can do about the debt of the house (to which I have no rights) being on my credit report.
    Even though I am divorced, because of the work Sarah did; I still have debt that is affecting my credit. I do not recommend her services.

    Hired attorney
    Sarah Balaparya’s response: “Sreena, I do recall we attempted to contact you multiple times regarding your Decree, but we never received a response back. Unfortunately, when a client goes dark on me, my hands are tied. I am open to meeting with you, free of charge, in order to help. The last I heard from you was in 2014.”
  • You won't regret it.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Justin

    This was our first time ever needing legal help and Sarah was simply a god send. She's so kind, so smart and works SO hard for you. She kept us updated with everything and answered all of our questions. There are so many gray areas and things that you don't think about before having to deal with the court system, so on top of defending us in court, she taught us along the way and explained what was going on. I can't stress that point enough.

    Simply put, you won't regret it. She knows the system, she knows the players, and she knows how to get results.

  • The Attorney to Choose

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    Sarah is an amazing lawyer. I was in a a tight spot after I received another speeding citation and couldn't do defensive driving. I didn't want to have a ticket on my record because it would increase my insurance rates. A friend referred me to Sarah because of her experience handling speeding citations. She responded to all my messages within mintues of it being sent. Sarah took the burden off my shoulders and always reassured me that the case was handled. Two weeks later I received a call from her personally that not only was my ticket handled but that it would be off my record. I was speechless, I did not think it was possible for my ticket to be dismissed and off my record so easily. But when speaking with Sarah I quickly realized how knowledgeable she is with the law. I was very lucky to have such a modern lawyer who answered my Facebook messages, text messages and knew how to reassure me. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone because I had nothing but good things happen while working with her.

  • Do not recommend

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I highly recommend NOT hiring Doyle Balaparya for a divorce. My divorce originally went in uncontested and my ex signed the Waiver of Service. I hand delivered the document to her office and was promised a copy. Things were escalating with my ex and I told Ms. Balaparya that I didn’t feel safe. She emailed my ex on two separate occasions and threatened him with a restraining order. I even had a criminal trespassing warning issued to him at my home. The officers told me this would be enough to get a restraining order. Ms. Balaparya said I didn’t qualify for one. I even forwarded her all the emails that he had sent my family and I. Come to find out she was sending some of the emails to his attorney without my consent!
    In the meantime, the decree had been drafted and my ex was dragging his feet with his attorney. Ms. Balaparya never filed the Waiver of Service! She kept telling me I paid for an uncontested divorce and that this could go on for a while. By this time I had found out that my ex had lied about some very fraudulent things that were never disclosed before we were married. I asked Ms. Balaparya about an annulment and she said that I didn’t qualify and skirted the subject.
    My ex engaged in some frightening criminal activity and I was advised by local authorities to get a protective order. Ms. Balaparya agreed to a Temporary Restraining Order and I paid an agreed fee verbally. She told me that we couldn’t get into court that week because the judge was busy. Come to find out she was out of town when I called to check on the TRO with her paralegal. I was able see the judge that week after consulting with another attorney and immediately received an emergency protective order. I never received a refund from Ms. Balaparya for the TRO. When I asked for my money back and an accounting, she would not even give me an accounting of the money spent and tried to sue my new attorney!

    Sarah Balaparya’s response: “Hello Nicole, sorry to hear that you were unhappy, however, a refund was issued, as well my numerous efforts in responding to your emails at 5am, or on the weekends, etc.”
  • The attorney to go to

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Zahid

    Sarah is wonderful to work with; she takes the time to listen to the issues and gives very solid legal advice. She helped me in my case and I was extremely satisfied with her professionalism, her knowledge of the subject matter and her decision making process.

  • A Responsive Attorney you can Trust

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Troy

    Sarah worked on a case for me and did a great job. She was added to the team late, but came up to speed very quickly, took ownership of the case, and had us prepared for court. I trust her, I recommend her, and I will use her again.

  • Traffic Violation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Megha

    I am continually impressed with Sarah's professionalism and attention to detail. I had not received a traffic violation in 10 + years, and had forgotten how jumbled the system can be. With my busy work schedule and even longer commute, attending my hearing date was next to impossible. Ms. Balaparya was not only reliable and available at short notice, but also successful in reducing my fine significantly. I am so thankful she had come so highly recommended, and am happy to have made her contact.

  • Great Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Roger Dubois

    I used Sarah Balaparya for a couple of legal matters I needed help with. She was informative and courteous throughout the process and always kept me in the loop. She truly adheres to the job role of Attorney AND Counselor.

  • Very Understanding Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Sarah handled my case with such care and concern. I truly felt she understood my position and took action. She provided me with a clear understanding of my rights and explained everything as my case carried forward. I would recommend her to anyone!