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Max Eldon Harger

Max Harger’s Legal Guides

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  • Internet Privacy and Use of Personal Data: Best Practices

    Im going to guess that if youre reading this blog, youre likely already aware that under current US law, there is no comprehensive Internet privacy protection scheme working to place limits on the gathering and use of Americans personal data. Most of the Western nations have such...

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  • Intellectual Property Works Made for Hire: Who Owns What?

    It Depends... Im sure youre going to see with this with many (truthfully, if not all) of the discussions on this blog but disappointingly, the short answer is it depends. Depending on your industry,the owner of your Intellectual Properties could be any of the following: you, y...

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  • Help! Someone Hacked my Facebook/Twitter/Email/Computer/Network!

    Can you sue a person or business for hacking your Facebook, Twitter, Email, Computer, Home Network and Internet Service Accounts? Lets say you recently learned that someone hacked your email account and was sending out pornography or male enhancement vitamin ads from your email a...

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  • Torrent Downloads and Copyright Infringement: What You Need to Know

    A Thoroughly Modern History Over the past year, this question has become uncomfortably common among home network service subscribers in the United States and United Kingdom. (See: http://arstechnica

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