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Sexual Assault Dismissed in Bastop County

Case Conclusion Date: 11.01.2000

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: No Billed by Bastrop County Grand Jury

Description: Client was charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child in April 1999 in Bastrop County. We hired a Polygraph Examiner who found that the defendant showed no deception in answering questions about the charges. We brought in a forensic psychologist specializing in child sex cases. The psychologist produced a report which favored the client's innocence claim. We consulted with CPS workers and obtained records showing the propensity of the complaining witness to fabricate. We obtained additional information from the complainant's treating physicians which helped challenge the state's allegation of abuse. On-going protracted discussions with the Assistant District Attorney handling the case was essential. RESULT: THE CASE WAS NO BILLED BY GRAND JURY.

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