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Kevin Dan Henderson’s reviews

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Review Kevin Dan Henderson

    1.0 star

    Posted by Laura

    I hired Mr. Henderson to handle the modification of my divorce which my ex husband filed. It was the first attorney I have ever had to hire. I fell into his sales pitch of all the steps we would take to ensure my ex husband would not screw me over. He made ONE court appearance. During the consultation he promised all these things we would do during that court appearance. Then the day came. He showed up late, and advised me to give my ex husband everything. I sent numerous emails and phone calls the following day to express my upset. I put in writing what I expected of a lawyer and requested that he either work with me or let me know he can not so I may hire someone else. One month he was my lawyer. That is it. One month. He made no court filings, no copies, no mediation was done or scheduled, nothing. When I finally had enough of the lack of communication on my case and realized how much my daughter was suffering by being caught in the mess I demanded to know the remainder of my $5000 retainer. Less than 2 grand is what they claimed I had left. 3500 was spent on what exactly? I cant even afford to hire another attorney now.

  • Stay Away

    1.0 star

    Posted by Bad

    Hired this guy for a child support review. Told me he was going to write a letter, 1 hour fee charge, and we were going to reset meeting. Tried to contact the week before the review, no response. I guess he forgot to send the letter to the AG, because he went to the meeting, charging me 3 hours. When I was fed up with the lack of contact, I contacted and demanded my paperwork back and I no longer wished to use his services. Was contacted by secretary, who rudely informed me I was scheduled to be at a meeting that day at the AG. Nothing like last minute notification. She swore the AG sent me notification, which they did not, they sent it to my attorney. Beware, stay away from this guy, unless you don't need to be updated on your case at all during the preceedings.

  • If your child (custody and support) is important to you stay clear of this attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Hired this attorney based on his extensive background in family law. Former Williamson County Judge. Expected our case to be handled with professionalism and expected this attorney to fight for us.

    1. Non responsive, numerous emails and phone calls go days and even weeks without response.

    2. The other party's attorney would be the one to notify us of arrangements and case status. Imagine how it feels to be notified by the other party that they have made arrangements with your attorney and he never bothered to inform you. Imagine how it feels to have people making decisions about your child, custody agreements and visitation and you aren't informed by your attorney. This is what I have been going through for the past 6 months.

    3. None of the issues that we hired this attorney for have been addressed or resolved! His only response to me is that I have to be patient. Meanwhile, he shows up late for court, and due to his laziness we have missed settlement mediation dates, waited more than 6 weeks for temporary orders to be drafted even though we and the court were told it would take 2 weeks to have the temporary orders drafted and only after the other party threatened to reset the case for court and void the deal did he finally get the temporary order drafted. In addition, when we inform Mr. Henderson of violations of that temporary order and ask what our legal remedies are, we are ignored or after a week of waiting for an answer, are told to just let the other party have their way.

    This review is not about the results of my case. In fact, the case hasn't even gone to trial. I'm writing this review because I feel compelled to in order to prevent another parent from having to go through what I've gone through with this lousy, lazy and unprofessional representation. It's stressful enough when dealing with child custody and support issues but to retain an attorney and then have to chase him down day after day waiting on a response, have the opposing counsel chasing him down with no responses, have the opposing counsel sending you information about your case that was sent to your attorney days or weeks earlier and your attorney doesn't bother to send the information to you is unprofessional and a dereliction of his duty. If you want an attorney that will fight for you, I would highly recommend you retain someone besides Kevin Henderson.