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Jeffrey Alan Goldberg

About Jeffrey Goldberg

About me

At the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg, we focus exclusively on employment related issues. We understand employment issues like losing your job, discrimination, harassment, or employment disputes are life-changing events. We can help. Our experienced team of lawyers aggressively advocate on your behalf and do everything we can to make your experience with the legal process as stress-free as possible.


Jeffrey A. Goldberg is a Board Certified Labor and Employment Law Specialist. The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg is solely dedicated to representing clients with labor and employment-related claims. The firm focuses exclusively on labor and employment matters in order to give our clients the best legal representation possible. It is important to have a Board Certified Employment Attorney working for you to give you the edge you need and deserve.


Jeffrey A. Goldberg is also an avid athlete and competitor in triathlons and cycling races throughout the State of Texas. Also enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.