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Kyle Christopher Simpson

Kyle Simpson’s reviews

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  • Awesome

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    Kyle represented me he was honest upfront about what I was about to face and ways there to guide me through the stressful process. Kyle was hands on gave me his cell number told me to call anytime and was always there for me. my case was ultimately dismissed thanks 100 percent because of him and his representation. He and his office are top notch hands on lawyers that are there to inform you of and defend your rights, Can't recommend him enough!

    Hired attorney
  • Excellent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sergio

    -I was fortunate enough to have picked Kyle Simpson and his partner Charles Gold to represent me for a BS dui and vehicular evasion charge. Over 2 years they stuck with me while avoiding crappy plea deals from prosecutors. All charges were DISMISSED. Besides having law skills, Mr. Simpson also displayed people skills not just with me, but with dealing with the prosecution.
    -I never thought this was a big deal, but I happened to see other lawyers who showed up with wrinkled suits looking like they just rolled outta bed with a seemingly lack of energy, but he showed up to over what seemed like a jillion court dates ready to rock. This made me feel confident in him.
    -I was always kept informed, and Kyle was always easy to contact. Like I said, I was never pressured by him to take an easy plea deal to help pad his stats. It's great to actually have justice served and I'd recommend Kyle Simpson and his partner Charles to anyone.

  • Constancy is the complement of all other human virtues.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Drew

    Where do I even begin? From the very first day I walked into that office on Flores Street I felt completely and utterly taken care of. Everything was thoroughly explained to me. I felt a sense of security with Kyle Simpson and Charles Gold. On numerous occasions both of them showed up to my court dates even though it was clear only one of them needed to be there. They work absolutely splendidly as a team and their staff kept in constant contact to update me on any and all information. I am so grateful I found this firm, without which my life would not hold all the opportunities it now does. I am truly indebted to them both. Choosing them to be on your side is a decision you would never regret.

  • more than bang for buck

    5.0 stars

    Posted by randy

    on around Aprili my son was arrested for his 2nd wife and i had to find an attorney who WOULD take charge and be there us(our son is a UTgraduate 2011) we could not and would not spare the expense for his future.We did some research---made some phone calls To my surprise he return ours call Made an appointment that evening.He spoke to us in a professional manner and has continue to do so .Being in the automotive industry for 33yrs, I believe to be an expert in human behavior.Morever, a great judge of character, we have found K Simpson to be a execellent lawyer,informative,caring person,and has put ALL his efforts in our son.Thats all we can ask for.And for that we THANK YOU

  • Very Professional and Knowledgable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Orlando

    Kyle and his team were always most professional and I always felt like they were looking out for my best interest. They always made me feel comfortable with my situation and confident that they were doing whatever they could do to have it resolved in the quickest time frame. Thank you Kyle and keep up the good work!

  • Review of Kyle Simpson

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired Mr. Simpson to represent me after my DWI arrest. In our initial consultation he impressed me with his in depth knowledge of this area of the law, especially recent changes in the law that could affect my case. He also is an excellent communicator and was honest about what I could expect to happen. I had an excellent outcome in my case and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has had a DWI arrest in San Antonio.

  • Dwi Super Dude

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    I’ve known Kyle Simpson a long time. Way before he became a lawyer. I never used his services until I needed a DWI lawyer. I got in an accident a while back and the next day I got out of jail. My mom said, “Why don’t you call Kyle. He is a DWI specialist.” I’ve had lawyers before but not for this. I did some research and looked him up. It was a long time since I had spoken to him, like years. Apparently he wrote an entire book on the subject. I called him frantic because of the charges against me. I don’t want to go to jail or put up with courts and all that junk. It’s a pain in the rear. Kyle told me to relax and don’t worry. Nobody was hurt and there is little chance of going to jail over this. He went through my case and after a year of the prosecution putting off my case we went to court. Well we went to the lobby of the court. Kyle walked into the little room with the prosecutors. One was a reeeeaaaalllllyyyyyy big lady, and disgruntled looking too. Anyways he went in and came out a few times to show me what they offered. He gave me his honest opinion and eventually after some negotiation got everything reduced to wreck less driving and 40 hours of community service. I hate courts and I hate the way our government screws with us. If it wasn’t for Kyle I know I would have been behind bars, or in Mexico… all joking aside he helped me out big time. I owe you one man. If I ever need a lawyer on something like this again I will call him ASAP!

    James B.

  • Best lawyer in san antonio

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Kyle simpson is second to none when it comes to criminal defense. He fought for me all the way. I would recommend Mr. Simpson to anyone.

  • Words don't say enough for the trust my family has for Mr. Simpson!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Charles

    Mr. Simpson has been a blessing to meet and know. First met him when a family member needed assistance with a legal issue and
    Mr. Simpson's performance was more than we could expect.

    Later he assisted a few other family members who unfortunately found themselves in peril and, again he showed exemplary legal skills and law knowledge with results far better than we could have expected. In fact, great result!

    I now find myself writing this review because I "myself" had to recently employ Mr. Simpson's services. I didn't expect anything less but have received so much more. He has been empathic, very trust-worthy, hardworking, attentive, and most of all he has been very responsive.

    I have worked with other attorney's in my life for one issue or another, however, I would be hard pressed to ever use another attorney ever again. Mr. Simpson has our family's trust!

    Never have I had an attorney so involved and motivated. If you are searching for an attorney who will stand with you and fight and work tirelessly hard for you, then you won't go wrong with Kyle Simpson.

    Sincerely Submitted...

  • Outstanding? You bet.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Samuel

    Kyle has taken care of a few cases for me and the only way to sum up my experience with Kyle is outstanding. I've never had legal trouble before, and Kyle took the time to explain all my options, any penalties, where and how to go about the end result while being friendly the whole time. Being a college student he has been able so far to get my desired results for my cases which were required, and has provided a reasonable price, and payment option for his services. I plan (although hopefully not need to) use him for any future needs, and would highly recommended Kyle.