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James Morris Balagia

About James Balagia

About me

“I am dedicated to the zealous defense of my fellow citizens who are accused of DWI, DUI, or other alcohol related matters and drug offenses. I have developed close relationships with a variety of DWI Associated Professionals that assist in the defense of those charged with DWI. These Professionals are experts in the fields of: Standardized Field Sobriety Testing; Breath Test Devices; Blood Draw Analysis (phlebotomy); Urine Analysis; Hair Follicle Analysis; Pulmonary issues; Podiatry (balance and walking) issues; Radio Frequency Interference issues; Video and Audio Analysis; Drug Analysis; Laboratory Quality Assurance issues; Vehicular Safety issues; Accident Reconstruction Experts; Pharmacology; Toxicology; Police Procedure; Private Investigations, Adult Probation, Parole matters and many others.”


I have been married for twenty years to my lovely wife, Masae.  We have four children and five grandchildren.  We attend Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and conduct a Bible Study in our home every Wednesday evening.  My greatest joy is to see clients make it through their case successfully and give their lives to the Lord in the process.


I got my undergraduate degree at Texas State University and my Law Degree from the University of Texas School of Law.  I was admitted to the Texas State Bar in 1992 and have run my own law office since that time.  I have represented a number of high profile cases in the Austin, Texas area.  I am asked to speak on DWI related issues on the local news channels frequently.


I have been to the most prestigeous DWI related training in the nation on a regular basis for the past seven years and am known as the DWI Dude on a national level.

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