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975081: Midland Funding, LL.C. v. Consumer, In the CCCL 1 of Harris County. Texas

Case Conclusion Date: 11.02.2011

Practice Area: Debt collection

Outcome: Take Nothing Judgment in Favor of Consumer

Description: I represented a consumer that was sued by a Debt Buyer. It was our first trial in front of the new Judge. We successfully defeated the Debt Buyers claims without our client having to testify at trial. Although we have won cases of this nature routinely we felt compelled to publish this one. We provided the court the necessary briefing and elucidation to make informed rulings of evidentiary issues such that Debt buyers would not be able to come to court with shoddy evidence. We of course lost money on this matter given the extensive briefing requirements but all cases are given equal weight and the zeal to vindicate are client's rights where practical overcomes monetary gain. We are confident that this decision will serve as precedent in this court on future rulings.

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