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Gina Vale Fraley, Ind. and A/N/F of Kristin Fraley, a Minor, v. Sunsource, Inc., D/B/A Air-Dreco, et al.

Case Conclusion Date: 06.30.2004

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Plaintiff, Gina Fraley, awarded $230,432.00.

Description: Plaintiff GINA VALE FRALEY was traveling westbound on the South Loop service road in Houston, Texas. At the same moment, Defendant Stuart was traveling northbound on South Main at the intersection of South Loop service road and South Main. As Plaintiff traveled across the intersection, she was suddenly and unexpectedly struck by a 1994 Green Jeep Wrangler, owned and operated by Defendant STUART. At the time of the collision in question, Defendant STUART was an employee, agent or representative of Defendant SUNSOURCE and / or Defendant SUNSOURCE TECHNOLOGY. Due to the severity of the collision, Plaintiff GINA VALE FRALEY sustained serious injuries for which she sought medical treatment. After a jury trial, Plaintiff was awarded $230,432.00 for her injuries.

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