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PERM, EB2, EB3, H-1B, R, E, and L Applications

Case Conclusion Date: 08.01.2011

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Certified

Description: I am capable of drafting PERM applications to ensure I-140 approval for EB2, EB3, and EB3 with 3 years' BA degree from Indian, France, Canada, and other nations. As an example, I secured several I-140 approvals under the skilled worker category for foreign nationals whose applications were certified for positions that required a bachelor’s degree plus five years of experiences even though the foreign nationals only had engineering degree equivalency evaluations based on their work experience or the combination of 3 years degree and work experience. I handled many H-1Bs, TN/TN2s, R, O, E, L and B-1/B-2 nonimmigrant petitions. I have a good understanding of H-1B extensions in three and one year increments under AC21 § 104(c) and § 106(a). I also have a good understanding of H-1B portability under AC21 § 105, and I-140 portability under AC21 § 106(c).

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