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Robert Warren Painter

About Robert Painter

About me

I am passionate about standing up for those who have been harmed or even killed from needless medical malpractice. Since 2006, I have exclusively represented patients and their families in medical malpractice, brain injury, wrongful death and serious personal injury cases.


I bring some unique experiences to my law practice. I started my educational career in medicine and then became a hospital administrator. After law school, I worked for a large prestigious defense firm, defending doctors and hospitals.


In 2005, I started Painter Law Firm so I could devote my career to helping patients and their families. I sincerely believe that one of the major ways we see improvements in medicine is through the legal system. Time after time, clients tell me that they do not want the same medical malpractice to happen to someone else. I work hard every day to make hospitals and medicine safer for everyone.

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