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Scott Joel Markowitz

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  • Very Professional Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandra

    I contacted Markowitz Law firm for a traffic ticket. Scott and his staff were very quick to respond. Scott explained in detail the process and was very honest about the outcome. The process was seamless and my ticket was dismissed.
    I requested his services on a different case, the case was dropped and Scott returned my retainage fee.
    I am very impressed with Markowitz Law Firm. In my experience, they have handled themselves with integrity and professionalism.

    Hired attorney
  • Most sincere, helpful staff ive ever worked with!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hunter

    Long story short, i was issued a citation i did not agree with at all. I did not want the city of houston to extort even a penny of my money.
    I called 5 different attorneys before reaching out to Markowitz. The staff there was amazingly professional, understanding, compassionate, quick to respond and follow up with information. They charged WAY less than all the other attorneys (one wanted $300 alone), and agreed with my plight that the ticket was unfair.
    They walked me through the whole process of getting the ticket dismissed, but without giving me false hope, which was incredibly professional!
    If you want an attorney who actually cares about their clients, handles business in a quick and professional manner while still being compassionate, then stop reading and hire these guys!
    Are you still reading this?? Do it!

  • Useless don't wate your money.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Jonathan

    I definitely do not recommend these guys. To sum it up they are useless and are of no help at all. After consulting with them about my traffic ticket I agreed to they're offer and paid $200 I was being reassured I would not spend another dime besides the court fees on the day of court. Well on the day of court I arrive and looked to be a pretty quick one which it was as there were only about 12 of us but we were all represented by one guy besides noticing we all pretty much had gotten different attorneys. Well I spoke with a guy sitting next to me and questioned him about his experience with his attorney which he tells me he paid much less then I did for the same exact case and we both got the same results. I paid $200 to the prosecutor which was absurd after being told by the office staff I wouldn't pay much just for the court fees only. I suggest to make sure you check your options and compare as many to get the best bang for your buck but I personally don't recommend this firm.

  • A shocking decline in service

    1.0 star

    Posted by Mike

    I've been using Scott any time I've gotten a ticket since the late 90's and yesterday was the last time I will ever use his services. The attorney showed up late, seemed to be drunk, didn't understand what my ticket violation was and then got me an "offer" that was more than if I had just paid the ticket outright on top of the "legal fees" I paid for his services. It's sad that a place that used to be a staple for getting tickets dismissed has now devolved into being a yes man with (likely) kickbacks to the court.

    Scott Joel Markowitz’s response: “Mike, I am so sorry that you had a bad experience. We have since learned from the attorney Patrick that his mother had taken ill over the weekend prior to your court date and that he and his sisters and brothers had been keeping watch over her night and day at the hospital. In hindsight, he should have called in assistance and not taken on so much responsibility during that time.”
  • Invisible hand of Markowitz

    5.0 stars

    Posted by KW

    It's always hard to trust what you read on websites, but Scott proved this was to the contrary. This was my first ticket, and a multiple citation too! After days of research, you realize that there are only a handful of traffic lawyers that pop up, and Markowitz is consistently in the first page of Yelp! Houston, Avvo and KHOU (yes, people, Scott has provided an interview). I show up at his Richmond Ave office, just to 'verify authenticity', and his assistant promptly greets me, quickly allays my fears about the citation. After providing my details, she assures me that Scott will get the court date reset and send to me the new court date. True to words, this came in an email first 5 days later and followed up with a hardcopy letter after that, true professional. 6 days before my court date, you'll get a friendly phone call reminding you about court, where to park, what to dress and what to do on that day. This calms the nerves. On the day itself, Scott's team of lawyers (one of them) will call out your name to confirm representation. They are very businesslike and professional, very transparent about their recommendations and our options as a client. I was out of there in 2.5 hrs, dismissal in hand - that, to me is the experience you want as a client. Sometimes, you need a little nudge in the right direction, just don't attempt to do it without Scott's advice.

  • Excellent Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by George

    I don't know how this attorney and staff know when to reschedule so the ticketing officer does not show up, but they did with my three moving violations. The cost of his services were the best deal I have had in a long time. I was met with two different firm attorneys as they explained the court process. Basically, I just set in the courtroom for a few hours and my case was dismissed.

  • Exceeded my Expectations!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    Scott Joel Markowitz exceeded my expectations through his firm's representation in Tomball, TX. Mr. Ron Morgan was selected to represent me for a speeding violation that presented adversities toward my driving record. I was impressed by all aspects of how my issue was professionally and articulately resolved. I highly recommend The Markowitz Law firm and will continue to utilize their services in the future in regard to legal consultation and representation for business and personal accommodation.

  • Thank you from Kent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kent

    Thank you so much Markowitz and associates! I had 3 traffic citations which
    were all thrown out. I could have been in serious trouble with my drivers licence.
    Besides the fact that i live alone and pay expensive child support and medical insurance
    on my child who lives out of state. I didnt have the money to pay my fines. The help
    i recieved was most appreciated thanks again ... sincerely Kent R :)

  • Speeding made easy.................

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Teri

    I am a frequent flyer (literally) and I always receive the red carpet treatment when in court with Scott or Ron. I am always one of the first people in and out of the court house thanks to this firm.
    I highly recommend The Markowitz Law Firm to anyone with a lead foot like myself.
    Sincerely and Thankfully,
    Teresa G

  • Great job

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maria

    I was very pleased with my lawyer's professional work. The day of my court I was going through a miscarrage and was running late. By the time I got there he had already took care of business. Needless to say he was very pleasant and professional.