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Galperti Inc. v. Galperti S.r.A. & Allied Fitting LP

Case Conclusion Date: 10.10.2006

Practice Area: Intellectual property

Outcome: Won injunction hearing, leading to quick dismissal

Description: Lead trial counsel representing Allied Fitting, L.P. in proceedings culminating in a two-day bench trial in October 2006 on a temporary injunction application in a trademark/tradename case that, if granted, would have blocked millions of dollars of commerce in the international carbon-steel flange industry. Along with counsel for Allied’s co-defendant Galperti S.r.L. (represented by Houston’s Susman Godfrey), I persuaded Judge Grant Dorfman of the 129th District Court of Harris County first to limit and then to dissolve an ex parte temporary restraining order, and then to deny in full the temporary injunction that had been sought by the plaintiffs, Galperti Inc. and Galperti S.p.A. (represented by the Houston office of Dallas-based Thompson & Knight). The remainder of the case settled promptly on favorable terms.

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