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  • What are my options to settle two different tickets from two different counties?

    Almost a week ago, I was pulled over in Austin, Texas for running a red light. I was also charged with financial responsibility. I have insurance, I just did not have my insurance card. In the process of calling my issuance company to send me anot...

    Scott’s Answer

    You are correct about taking the Driver's Safety Course (DSC) once per year. This is the general "rule". There are some occassions where I have had clients completing more than one DSC per year under special court orders.

    You will easily find Austin, TX attorneys that practice in the various traffic ticket courts, both municipal and justices of the peace, simply by doing a little homework. Marlin Municipal Court would be the place that I would opt to do the Driver's Safety Course (DSC) and seek legal counsel for Austin. In my experience, the best results in Austin come from those attorneys that are willing to actually do some legwork and go to the court on your behalf, especially since you are in Dallas.

    Convictions for either speeding or running a red light are the same with respect to points on your record. They are both 2 point offenses. Once you reach 6 points, the dreaded Surcharges from DPS will become another problem for you. Keeping these tickets off of your record will keep you out of the surcharge nightmare.

    One more tip..........You must request the DSC in writing from the court with a plea of either "guilty" or "nolo contendere" before the appearance date on your citation. Read you citation and the court's website regarding the DSC requirements and application process carefully. If you retain counsel, consult with them thoroughly.

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  • Do i need a lawyer for Jp Tickets From High School?

    Hello, I have a court date coming up for old jp tickets. One Of The Tickets For Not Attending School, One Failure To Appear Court & a Disorderly Conduct in Class. How Should I Go About This Case!?!

    Scott’s Answer

    Good fortune, luck and providence are great defenses if they come to you on your court date. Otherwise, you should consider having a lawyer come to you on your court date.

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  • If I don't have insurance and got a speeding ticket what are the other alternatives to not get it on my record and dismiss it?

    Speed Limit: 65 Alleged Speed: 80

    Scott’s Answer

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    What you seem to be asking is.."If I have no auto insurance in my name and therefore cannot qualify for the Defensive Driving or Driver's Safety Course (DSC) option, are there any other alternatives for dismissal?"
    Answer: Yes. There are several avenues that may lead to dismissal. You have the right to plead "not guilty" and demand a trial by judge or trial by jury. Should you choose either of these, especially jury trial, you are best advised to retain an attorney familiar with traffic ticket defense. If, at trial, you are found Not Guilty by the judge or the jury, you will be acquitted and the ticket will not go on your record. Another viable route may be a probation agreement between you (or your attorney) and the prosecuting attorney for the City of Houston.

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  • What's my best option for a ticket that is probably a warrant by now?

    I was by Luling, Tx when a state trooper pulled me over for doing 87 on a 75. He asked for an explanation as to why I was going so fast. I told him I had to be 3 hours south of the Border by that night because my great grandma died and she was get...

    Scott’s Answer

    If you pay the outstanding ticket, it will go on your record as a conviction. You will get 2 points towards the Surcharge Program also. Once you get 6 or more points, you will be penalized by the DPS and have to pay more money. Stay below 6 points during the next 3 years and you avoid the surcharges.

    If you decide to fight the ticket, you should definitely seek an attorney. You may have to have the attorney post a bond for you to have a warrant lifted. (there are other ways of doing bonds, too).

    One very interesting aspect of your fact situation is that you say you were issued the ticket on August 3rd, 2013. That was a Saturday. The due date of August 15, 2013 was a Thursday. Counting the number of business days that you were given to respond, a good argument can be made that the officer did not give you legally sufficient time to appear and that, my friend, is serious misconduct on the part of the officer. You might very well win this one if you play your cards right.

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  • Airbag did not deploy at 40mph hitting a tree head on. Is it possible I should do something?

    On Jan 19 I hit a tree at 40mph head on after hitting a patch of ice. I was wearing my seatbelt. The only airbag that did deploy is passanger curtain. I ended up with 15 fractured ribs and I have yet to get my right hip looked at but is notated on...

    Scott’s Answer

    Preserving the wrecked vehicle is a critical and often overlooked task that you simply must do now, not later. Take possession of the wreck. If you have to pay out of pocket to get it out of a storage lot, do it. Store it in a dry and safe place. If you hire a lawyer to determine if you have a claim against the vehicle manufacturer, he or she will be thrilled to know that the central piece of evidence to a potential lawsuit is safe and sound.

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  • Will a BW due to a speeding ticket affect my background check?

    I was pulled over for speeding and because I don't live in that city, I kinda forgot to pay attention to the deadline to pay the ticket. I have never gotten a ticket before but today I got a call from thr court about an arrest warrant due to failu...

    Scott’s Answer

    If you postmarked payment on or before the date your ticket was due, the Court should not issue an arrest warrant. If you have not done so already, call the court clerk and confirm that they accepted your payment. Generally, Texas courts do not report delinquencies to the DPS (Dept. of Public Safety) Failure To Appear Program, until 30 days or more have elapsed since the ticket became delinquent. You can always check online to see if you have any reported delinquencies at
    Any citation reported as outstanding on this report is considered a "flag" on your driver's license renewal.

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  • Seeking help, possibly Pro Bono counsel for my son

    My son is 29, I'm trying to help him find an affordable avenue for his case, Aggravated Assault - Family Member. It was a situation between him & his younger brother, police report is incorrect in statement. He is currently out of the Marine Corp....

    Scott’s Answer

    Your son is lucky to have a supportive father like you in a his time of great tribulation. Continue to seek initial consultations with as many criminal defense attorneys as possible. They are usually free of charge as they are here at my firm. There are many factors to consider besides price and the very best way to evaluate lawyers is to meet them in person.

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  • I have to go to court for a ticket for speeding and drive without a license , i dont have dl and im a ilegal imigrant ,im afraid

    what should i do , can i just paid and ill be out of this situaton ,please help me

    Scott’s Answer

    If you decide to go to court without an attorney, you may give up some very important rights as an accused person. The fact that you are an illegal alien does not mean that you do not have rights in the American Justice System. An attorney is your friend and advocate in court and can lower your anxiety and fear of being in court alone.

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