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  • Why Lap Only Seatbelts are Dangerous, Even Deadly

    Why Lap-Shoulder Belts? The lap-shoulder belt is far more effective than a lap-only belt because a crash results in rapid deceleration, but an occupant continues to travel at the vehicle's original speed at the moment of impact. The lower torso of the occupant with a lap-only b...

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  • Documentation of Evidence in a Rollover Accident

    Rollover crashes are the most costly automobile crashes to American consumers in terms of lives lost and lives shattered. Product liability litigation is often the only avenue to justice for those needlessly injured and killed by sport-utility vehicle rollovers. However, these ca...

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  • Vehicle Rollover Remains a Dangerous Issue for Drivers

    The most serious automobile accidents in America involve vehicle rollovers. The National Highway Transportation Safety Association ("NHTSA") has recognized that sport utility vehicles are particularly prone to rollovers. The NHTSA has found that the fatality rate per million vehi...

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  • 15 Passenger Vans are Extremely Dangerous Vehicles

    Rollover continues to kill, maim and paralyze American consumers. Despite years of statistics that show the deadly nature of rollovers, corporations such as Suzuki, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Toyota, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler continue to design and manufacture sport utility vehi...

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  • When the Vehicle Causes the Crash or the Injury

    It is true that many car crashes involve two vehicles, but this is not always the case. In some instances defects on the vehicle itself may cause the car crash. There are several examples. Some vehicles are overly prone to rollover because of the design aspects of the vehicle suc...

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  • Where Safety Meets the Road - The Importance of Tires to Your Safety

    In the six month period from September 2009 - February 2010, more than 75 vehicle manufacturers issued recalls for safety violations. * These recalls included millions of vehicles. In fact, Toyota alone recently recalled more than 8.5 million cars and trucks worldwide. Given the ...

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  • Texting While Driving is a Major Cause of Motor Vehicle Crashes

    It is dangerous to text while driving. Texting while driving is only one type of distracted driving, but it has become the focus of much debate. defines distracted driving as a non-driving activity that has the potential to distract a person from driving. There ar...

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